12 02, 2019

5 Key Advantages of eRegulatory


Over 75% of clinical trial sites who have not yet adopted eRegulatory plan to do so in 2019. Why? In addition to growing industry pressure from sponsors who expect a digital site infrastructure, trial sites with eRegulatory platforms are introducing key advantages over those sites without eReg. What are those advantages? Download Five Key Benefits [...]

5 Key Advantages of eRegulatory2019-08-02T15:45:49-04:00
28 12, 2018

Thank you for a great 2018!


What a great year at Florence! As we look back and celebrate all that has happened this year on our mission to advance research, we thank you for being a part of the Florence family. We are excited to share some of our highlights with you. Over 2,500 Research Teams added in 2018! Research [...]

Thank you for a great 2018!2019-08-02T15:47:21-04:00
24 10, 2018

Four Observations from Site Solutions Summit


This year’s SCRS Site Solutions Summit was the biggest ever, and for good reason—sites are coming into their own in the clinical trial value chain. Not only are sites maturing their operations and sending more staff to events like SCRS to learn, but sponsors have also realized that connections with sites are more important [...]

Four Observations from Site Solutions Summit2019-08-02T15:50:12-04:00
7 08, 2018

Ten Must-Have Capabilities When Evaluating eRegulatory Platforms


Successfully transitioning your team to an eRegulatory solution, while avoiding costly compliance mistakes and realizing true time-saving benefits, requires careful evaluation of potential platforms. After helping thousands of research teams implement eRegulatory, our team has put together these ten essential capabilities to look for when evaluating solutions. You can download our full Guide to Selecting [...]

Ten Must-Have Capabilities When Evaluating eRegulatory Platforms2020-03-03T13:29:55-05:00
18 06, 2018

Transitioning your CRA team to Digital Site Management


Over the last six months something interesting happened in usage data for eBinders, Florence’s eRegualtory and eSource platform, and by extension for study management in general. In April 2018 Clinical Research Associate (CRA) teams became Florence’s most active users. In fact, sponsor activity in the tool grew by nearly ten times Q4 2017 to Q1 2018. [...]

Transitioning your CRA team to Digital Site Management2019-08-02T15:56:04-04:00
13 06, 2018

How to Avoid the Top 5 Clinical Trial FDA Inspection Failures


Your heart begins beating faster and sweat begins forming on your forehead - the FDA is calling. Many things can trigger an FDA inspection - most falling into routine study-related visits, while some are "for cause," stemming from complaints or sponsor concerns. Sites that have a new drug application will most likely experience an FDA inspection. [...]

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15 05, 2018

10 Superpowers of Clinical Trial Leaders


While helping over 2,000 research teams migrate Florence eBinders for eRegulatory, we've encountered people who have become "superheroes" in managing the workflow of regulatory and source documents at their site. In working closely with them to take what they are doing now and move it to a streamlined digital workflow, we've identified ten types of these "superheroes" and [...]

10 Superpowers of Clinical Trial Leaders2019-08-02T15:59:52-04:00
26 04, 2018

2,000 Research Sites Now Active in Florence eBinders Over 600 Studies


WASHINGTON, April 26, 2018 ( - Leading up to the Association of Clinical Research Professionals Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., Florence announced over 2,000 clinical trial teams are now actively managing the eRegulatory and eSource for 600+ Pharmaceutical and Medical Device studies in its eBinders solution. Founded in 2015, Florence partnered with innovative clinical trial sites with the [...]

2,000 Research Sites Now Active in Florence eBinders Over 600 Studies2019-08-02T16:01:11-04:00