While helping over 2,000 research teams migrate Florence eBinders for eRegulatory, we’ve encountered people who have become “superheroes” in managing the workflow of regulatory and source documents at their site.

In working closely with them to take what they are doing now and move it to a streamlined digital workflow, we’ve identified ten types of these “superheroes” and how they are making the best out of complicated and inefficient processes.

Which of these do you most identify with?

Ten Types of People Who Work in Clinical Trials

1) The Binder Ninja

Finding the right color tabs, aligning the hole punch perfectly, printing for hours, faxing and assembling binders… you love it and you rock it. You’ll be able to transfer those special skills easily to the Florence eBinders solution. Setting up digital binders will be a breeze for you!

2) The Windex Warrior

You’re always standing by with Windex and a cloth for when the copier or scanner gets a speck of dust. Yes, for most people poorly scanned copies is a headache, but for you, it’s a chance to show off your “Windex On, Windex Off” skills. You won’t need that particular superpower anymore with Florence eBinders because it eliminates the need for copying and scanning… but you can always use those mad skills to clear sand away from your computer monitor while you’re working remotely on the beach.

3) The Purveyor of Signatures

A document needs to be signed by a PI but no one knows where she is? You’re on it! You know how to “ask” in just the right way to get that signature fast, and you know where and when to find each person who needs to sign that urgent document. Be an even greater “signature” superhero with the intuitive easy to use eSignature solution built into Florence eBinders.

4) The Private Investigator

Where did that DOA log end up? Whose desk is it on? Those questions get your heart racing, and not in an “oh no another wasted day and potential compliance headache” kind of way. Move over Principal Investigators, the Private Investigator is on the case. You thrive on searching offices, filing cabinets, and occasionally dumpster diving, to find that misplaced document. Florence eBinders will enhance those superpowers because you’ll know where every document is 24/7 – plus you can track them in your pajamas at home if you want.

5) The Cereal Box Decipher

You loved the “deciphering” games that came as prizes in cereal boxes, and now you get to put those skills to good use! A scan comes in that is missing half the page and the rest is almost illegible. For others, this is a nightmare, but for you, it makes you feel like you’re in the CIA. Pulling out your magnifying glass you get to work trying to rebuild the document; auditors need not worry, you are on the case! Florence eBinders makes deciphering documents a thing of the past, so you can transfer those skills to reading the PIs “thank you” note they wrote when you accelerated study startup speed by 25%.

6) The Idyllic Monitor Mate

Monitor visits are like catching up with an old friend over coffee. Spending hours with them in the binder room, trying to find files for them, and making copies is like playing cards with your college friends. Florence eBinders makes monitor visits simple, and they can be done remotely, so you can spin those social skills into friendships that last more than a few days.

7) The Software Integration Rocket Scientist

Figuring out how to move files to and from Email, Shared Drives, EMR, CTMS, Sponsor Portals and other systems make you feel like you’re a rocket scientist! Especially when you have to maintain audit trails. You’re most at home in Mission Control operating the 42 steps to move a file from one system to the other. Florence eBinders integrates with Email, EMR, CTMS and Sponsor Portals – all while maintaining a full audit trail, so those 42 steps would become 1, requiring a whole lot less brain power – freeing you up to use that genius mind on solving real-world problems.

8) The Binder Room Napper

“I need to go track down that Binder, it could take a while…” is a great excuse to go for a walk, catch a few zzz’s in the back corner of the binder room, or in some research centers disappear for days because no one questions how long it takes to dig a binder out of THAT room. While this may not be a traditional “super-power”, being able to catch a few zzz’s every once in a while is great for the brain. You won’t have the binder room anymore, but because Florence eBinders reduces document cycle time by 40% you’ll be able to cut out a lot of night and weekend work.

9) The Jack of All Trades

You have a pieced together system that is functional, your IT department has built their own, or you’re using another solution. You’re the “jack of all trades”. Sure, it works for some of what you need even though it lacks about 90% of the features of Florence eBinders, and takes you three times as long, but it works most of the time. Florence eBinders helps you shift those skills to other projects that require your resourcefulness, oh, and the ROI of eRegulatory is pretty impressive too.

10) The To-Do List Liason

You’ve mastered juggling Excel, sticky notes, calendars, emails, faxes, overnight mailing, and clipboards to keep everyone on track. You love taking that clipboard everywhere you go, and maintaining an eidetic memory of when files are due, who has what folder, and what signatures are missing. Florence eBinders has a robust dashboard and project management interface that will do all of this in one place – so you’re superpowers will be amplified and maximized!

Amplify Your Superpowers

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