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24 10, 2018

Four Observations from Site Solutions Summit


This year’s SCRS Site Solutions Summit was the biggest ever, and for good reason—sites are coming into their own in the clinical trial value chain. Not only are sites maturing their operations and sending more staff to events like SCRS to learn, but sponsors have also realized that connections with sites are more important [...]

Four Observations from Site Solutions Summit2019-08-02T15:50:12-04:00
12 07, 2016

Defining eSource for Clinical Trials: Three Practical Categories


When discussing eSource there is as much detail to explore as any other segment of clinical trial operations. But from small biotechs to top 20 pharma, the starting point for discussions is more simple: how do we define eSource? After numerous deployments of eBinders and eBinders eSource, we've come to understand that eSource is three things. First, let's [...]

Defining eSource for Clinical Trials: Three Practical Categories2019-08-01T15:05:14-04:00
16 06, 2016

Leading Prostate Cancer Research Organization Partners with Florence


PCCTC Collaborates with Florence Healthcare to Enhance Regulatory Document Management Capabilities ATLANTA, GA and NEW YORK, June 10, 2016 – Florence Healthcare, developer of the innovative trial site-focused electronic trial site and master file (eTMF) platform, eBinder Suite™, and the Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium (PCCTC), the nation’s leading multicenter clinical research organization specializing [...]

Leading Prostate Cancer Research Organization Partners with Florence2019-08-01T15:05:00-04:00
19 01, 2016

Secure Your Records. Protect Your Research.


With banking, stock trading, and now health records becoming electronic, what’s stopping someone from obtaining every detail about our lives? In clinical research, keeping Protected Health Information (PHI) – patients’ personal and identifiable information — secure is the key concern. Losing this means potentially harming the patient, running afoul of laws like HIPAA, and [...]

Secure Your Records. Protect Your Research.2019-08-01T14:49:48-04:00
21 05, 2015

Paper Shadow Charts: The Hidden Barrier to eSource


The benefits of eSource - where trial data remains electronic from start through data lock - are well understood. They include the elimination of transcription errors (shown by Nham et al to be 10x more accurate), reduction in duplicitous effort and monitoring requirements, and easier query resolution. With clinical EHR adoption nearing 90%, digital [...]

Paper Shadow Charts: The Hidden Barrier to eSource2019-08-01T14:36:49-04:00
3 03, 2015

Integration Gets Pushed Off Again


HL7, CDA, FHIR, CDISC, CDASH. The word jumble surfaces when researchers attempt to integrate clinical data with trial data. It also illustrates a trend where technologists, not clinicians, have control of patents' information. We propose there’s another way — an approach that puts the clinician in control of data movement. First let’s look at [...]

Integration Gets Pushed Off Again2019-08-01T14:34:55-04:00
22 01, 2015

Pay for Performance Comes to Prescriptions… and Clinical Trials


Payers are changing how providers get paid — from fee for service to paying for performance. This transition will be at the center of healthcare change for the foreseeable future– not only for practitioners, but surprisingly, also for therapy development. First, a little background. Pay-for-performance incentivizes providers with bonus payments as well as with [...]

Pay for Performance Comes to Prescriptions… and Clinical Trials2019-08-01T14:14:33-04:00
19 12, 2014

How will healthcare adopt “Event Driven” medicine?


Pairing remote monitoring devices with event driven medicine algorithms has the potential to address home health care’s current reliability and usability limitations. Studies have shown that home devices in this setting are fit to address the needs of chronic illnesses. Why are chronic diseases fit for this purpose? The non-intensive nature of chronic disease. Chronic [...]

How will healthcare adopt “Event Driven” medicine?2019-08-01T13:58:11-04:00
4 12, 2014

We’ve hit “Peak EHR,” now what?


Today electronic health records are now entrenched in the care experience after a painful adoption cycle. In fact, the last ten years were the decade of EHR adoption, with penetration growing from 17% to nearly 80% over the period, according to the CDC. EHR Adoption Affordable Care Act mandates drove this growth more recently [...]

We’ve hit “Peak EHR,” now what?2019-08-01T13:56:45-04:00