Help Design the Future of Sponsor CRO and Site Collaboration

Join the Site Enablement League, an invite-only group of senior executives from sites, sponsors, and CROs who are collaborating to design the future of how stakeholders work together through technology to advance cures.

It’s Time to Cure the Chaos, Together

Enhanced Collaboration and Networking Opportunities

By joining the Site Enablement League, sites, sponsors, and CROs will have access to networking opportunities with a wide range of executives across clinical research sites, sponsors, and CROs. This allows members to build valuable connections, exchange ideas, and work together to develop innovative solutions for the clinical trial industry.

Strategic Influence on Industry Initiatives

Members of the Site Enablement League have the opportunity to provide directional leadership on significant industry initiatives related to site enablement, site-sponsor collaborative technology design, standard operating procedures, guidance, and other clinical trial operations process-oriented materials. This strategic influence ensures that members have a voice in shaping the future of clinical research.

Access to Expertise and Knowledge Sharing

Membership in the Site Enablement League provides seats for subject matter experts in working groups and other expert 1:1 sessions. This access to expertise enables members to learn from the best and brightest in the industry, fostering the sharing of best practices and promoting continuous improvement in clinical trial processes.

Exclusive Access to Valuable Resources

Members of the Site Enablement League will have access to materials developed within the League to share with their organizations. These resources can help members stay informed about the latest developments, technologies, and trends in clinical research, ensuring that their organizations remain at the forefront of industry advancements.

Increased Brand Visibility and Thought Leadership Opportunities

Site Enablement League membership provides brand awareness with the organization logo on the League website and highlighted at Research Revolution events. Members also have the chance to participate in thought leadership opportunities through articles, videos, and speaking engagements, which can help to position their organizations as industry leaders and innovators.

Discounted Access to Research Revolution Conference and Other Events

Joining the Site Enablement League offers members discounted conference passes to Research Revolution and other Florence global events. This exclusive access allows members to attend an industry-leading event focused on the latest developments in clinical research, providing valuable insights and opportunities for further networking and collaboration.

“The Site Enablement League represents a new era of collaboration and innovation in the clinical trial industry. By emphasizing site enablement and bringing together the brightest minds from research sites, sponsors, CROs, and patient advocates we are creating a powerful network of resources and expertise that will drive meaningful change and ultimately lead to the faster development of life-saving treatments for patients worldwide.”

Catherine Gregor
Executive Chair, Site Enablement League
Chief Clinical Trial Officer, Florence


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