Take Back Your Workflows

Florence’s Site Enablement Platform for Sites

Florence’s solution is tailored made to make the lives of every research site easier. As the platform of choice for 18,000+ research sites across 55+ countries, and rated #1 out of 190 vendors by site users, Florence is dedicated to ensuring your success.

It’s Time To Take Back Your Workflows

Digitize, automate, and integrate your electronic investigator site files, participant binders, and logs.

Go Digital from Start-up to Close-out

Transform your study start-up process with our all-in-one platform. Create, edit, distribute, collect, sign, and review all necessary files electronically, streamlining the process and reducing study start-up times by up to 40%. One NCI Cancer Center reduced their average time to sign from 2 weeks to just 4 hours.

Experience Flexible Workflows

eBinders lets you set up your structures and workflows the way you need while maintaining regulatory compliance. Empower remote workforces to help your team work from anywhere.

Enjoy an Easy-to-use Interface

Florence is rated the #1 clinical trial workflow platform on G2 for ease of use, ease of setup, and customer support. Even the most paper-loving PI will enjoy moving to Florence eBinders – and our industry-leading implementation and customer operations team will help you do it.

Automate Compliance

Built-in compliance features include automated audit trails, version control, extensive user permission options and in-app redaction. Plus, your team is supported by our extensive compliance program to help develop SOPs for going digital.

Enable Remote Monitoring

Give sponsor and CRO monitors secure and compliant access to your electronic investigator site file and redacted participant binder. Automate scheduling of remote visits, track monitor activity, and communicate with your monitor on follow-up items.

Customizable Electronic Logs

Improve patient safety, increase study speed, and ensure data quality with electronic clinical trial logs on Florence. Customize workflows for any log you need – Delegation of Authority Logs, Adverse Event Logs, Training Attestation Logs, Informed Consent Version Logs, Screening/Enrollment Logs, and more.

The Site Enablement Platform

Discover how Florence’s Site Enablement Platform helps sites streamline operations, enable remote monitoring, and integrate study workflows.


Rated #1 by sites on G2 for ease of use, ease of setup, and customer support


Sites activated on the platform


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Site adoption rate


Reduction in site workload


Million workflows per month

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Research Site Solutions


A FREE and easy-to-use study organizer for busy research sites. Florence’s StudyOrganizer, formerly VersaTrial, puts all study information at your fingertips, so you can focus on your most important work.


Set up all your Investigator Site File workflows your way and integrate them with your other platforms, while maintaining compliance and collaborating with your sponsors.


Make informed consent easy and secure for everyone