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Enable Electronic Consent Workflows for Sites and Participants

Compliant and easy-to-use virtual informed consent solution. Make the consent process easy for everyone.

Florence eConsent Participant Experience

We partnered with leading academic medical centers, sponsors, hospital systems, and site networks to create an eConsent platform that is easy-to-use and minimizes risk.

Why Clinical Operations Leaders Choose Florence eConsent

Engage with Intuitive Site Workflows

Florence eConsent is designed to mimic the look and flow of paper-based informed consent to make the transition easy for participants, site staff, IRBs, and sponsors.

Relax with Proven IRB and Sponsor Approval

Florence eConsent has been approved for use by major sponsors, CROs and IRBs and is now operational at leading academic centers and nationwide health systems.

Experience an Easy-to-use Participant Interface

Participants can navigate and sign their informed consent forms from any device, anywhere and access any study they are participating in.

Stay Compliant and Secure

Built-in compliance features include signature verifications, automated audit trails, version control, and user permission options. Plus, your team is supported by our extensive compliance program to help develop SOPs for going digital.

For Sponsors: Deploy eConsent Across Sites

Sponsors and CROs can easily deploy eConsent across their portfolio of sites for any study. Integration with the SiteLink™ platform gives them 24/7 visibility into consent processes.

Ensure You Always Have the Latest Versions

Easy version controls and IRB routing workflows ensure the participant is always being consented on the right informed consent version.

In clinical research, compliance is crucial. We’ve got you covered.

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Overview of Florence eConsent

Intuitive Participant Management

Try intuitive workflows to get your study set up and activated fast.

  • Easily invite participants into the eConsent platform in a few clicks.

  • Monitor the status of participants’ informed consent in real-time.

  • Enable remote participant identity verification.

  • Update to latest consent versions for new protocol amendments.

  • Distribute and track re-consenting in the same application.

Remote Monitoring with Florence eBinders for eRegulatory, eSource, and eISF
eDOA Log with Florence eBinders for eRegulatory, eSource, and eISF

Easy-to-use Participant Interface

Facilitate a participant’s experience with the consent process on a platform tested and validated by non-clinical professionals.

  • Participants can consent anywhere, anytime on any platform.
  • Take advantage of mobile device compatibility.

  • Participants receive a single login and interface for all active studies they’re in.

  • Give participants the option to start the consent process in the office and finish at home.

  • Clinical staff can easily monitor and countersign eConsent.

Global Study Management

Set up and manage consent workflows in an easy-to-use environment designed for speed and compliance.

  • Invite, assign, and manage study staff with pre-defined permissions.
  • Stay compliant with audit trails and version control tracking.

  • Set up repeatable and scalable processes for future studies.

  • Use integrated SSO access with the Florence eBinders platform.

Site Workspace with Florence eBinders for eRegulatory, eSource, and eISF
eDOA Log with Florence eBinders for eRegulatory, eSource, and eISF

Familiar Consent Creation

Make the transition from paper consent to electronic consent easy with a familiar workflow.

  • Upload familiar document-style forms for ease of use.

  • Set up eConsent with no need to hire digital media and content creation staff.

  • Prevent accidental usage of old consent forms.
  • Experience eSignature workflows that comply with Part-11.

Secure Remote Access and Monitoring

Enable compliant and controlled remote access to users, including IRBs, regulatory agencies, and monitors.

  • CRAs and monitors get controlled remote access to consent forms.
  • IRBs and other agencies can access consent forms compliantly.
  • Audit trails capture regulated activity across the platform.
  • Stay fully compliant with global regulations (21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR).

Site Workspace with Florence eBinders for eRegulatory, eSource, and eISF

We are committed to making you and your sites successful.

Site Adoption Rate
Uptime Past 12 Months
Support Response Time

According to user reviews, Florence is rated the #1 clinical trial workflows platform for ease-of-setup, ease-of-use and customer support.

Why being rated #1 out of 190 clinical trial platforms on G2, the peer-to-peer review site, matters for you.

  • High Adoption: We lead the industry with 92%+ site technology activation per study.

  • Faster Timelines: Intuitive workflows that eliminate duplicate work mean work gets done fast.

  • Low FTE Burden: You don’t need large dedicated IT teams to support implementation and management.

  • Always Reliable: Our customers have had 100% uptime over the last 12 months. We’re there when you need us.

“The regulatory team is very happy with the process. It gives me great pleasure to have partnered with Florence to help them be more efficient with tasks.”

Director, Research Quality and Regulatory Compliance
Multi-Site Health System

“We have staff in several different locations, so having a central access point for our information was very important and a huge draw.”

Associate Director of Research Administration
Academic Cancer Center

“We manage multi-center studies, and eBinders gives us the power to be several places at once.”

Director of Clinical Research Administration
Site Network

Florence Supports Site Enablement on a Global Scale

Florence now supports workflows between sponsors and more than 10,000 study sites in 45 countries.

Learn more about moving to an electronic consent platform.