The Site Enablement Platform for Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

Discover how Florence’s Site Enablement Platform helps CROs offer differentiated study management to sponsors that supports enhanced site operations, strengthened site relationships, increased trust with sponsors, and accelerated clinical trials.

Site Start-up


Reduce Bottlenecks in Site Start-up

Offer sponsors accelerated study start-up capabilities by activating sites remotely and equipping sites with digital workflows that integrate with their existing workflows.

Deploy the #1 rated eISF platform to sites to enable study start-up document routing and real-time collaboration in just a few clicks. Monitor performance and activity across all sites in a single location. Enable visibility to sponsor partners into site start-up processes to increase trust.

How Florence Streamlines Site Start-up

Start your study process on the workflow platform that digitizes the site-sponsor connection across 18,000+ sites in 55 countries.

Distribute Start-up Documents Fast

Distribute up-to-date start-up documents to every site at once in a central platform and have it appear in their existing workflows if they’re already connected to the Florence network (18,000+ in 55 countries are today).

Rapidly Activate New Sites on Platform

For sites not yet connected to the Florence platform, easily get them set-up and connected with their own fully functioning eISF in a few days with our expert Site Activation Teams that average 95%+ adoption rates and rank #1 in ease-of-setup across 190 vendors.

Increase Trust with Sponsors

Boost trust and transparency with sponsors by offering real-time insights into clinical trial site start-up processes. This innovative solution fosters collaboration and streamlines communication, ensuring efficient trials and increased sponsor confidence.

Monitor Start-up Status in Real-time

See the status of every document at every site in real-time. Has it been viewed, reviewed, filled out, signed? Has the site team completed open tasks for the document? Has the team uploaded the latest CV? Global dashboards let you see across all your sites while giving you the ability to drill down to a specific document at a specific site.

Manage a Global Network of Sites Compliantly

Florence’s solutions are already used in 55 countries around the globe, making it easy for you to centralize and monitor all start-up even if you’re using a CRO or local start-up teams.

Seamlessly Transition to FPI Processes

Because the site continues managing all their regulatory binders, participant binders, logs, and consent in the same platform, you’re able to seamlessly continue to manage end-to-end site operations in one location.

Simplify & Scale Your Studies

An Inside Look at how Florence Streamlines Start-up

Design Study Structure

Design Electronic Investigator Site File, Electronic Participant Binders, Electronic Logs and start-up workflows to distribute to sites.

  • Standardize electronic binder structures across sites to facilitate faster start-up, monitoring and collection.

  • Customize granular access and permissions for your entire study team and external users (regulatory agencies, CROs, sponsors, sites, etc.).

  • Create placeholders, due dates and task assignments to keep studies progressing.

  • Create, distribute and complete customizable electronic logs.

Deploy Electronic Binders to Study Sites

Easily deploy your binder structures, workflows, templates, tasks and logs across study sites in a single platform.

  • If the site is one of the 18,000 already connected to Florence, the site simply accepts your new study.

  • For your sites not yet on Florence, Florence’s activation team will help get them online fast – we average a 92% acceptance rate.

  • Sites receive complete binders complete with eSignature workflows, fillable forms, placeholders and task assignments.

Track Study Start-up in Real-Time

Keep track of every site in your study and their activation and start-up progress.

  • Know what documents are missing, what signatures are missing and what tasks are outstanding.

  • Access site binders 24/7 for quick remote monitoring and management of start-up.

  • Quality control documents directly in the system and assign remediation tasks.

  • Average start-up times for sites drop by 40% once they’re fully activated on Florence eBinders.

“[With Florence’s SiteLink] we’re providing a more valuable site management experience, while allowing more time and opportunities for site support, compliance reviews and continuous monitoring of patient safety and study quality.”

Rajneesh Patil
VP of Clinical Operations and Head of Digital Strategy