Roadmap to eRegulatory: Define Eight Critical Workflows

//Roadmap to eRegulatory: Define Eight Critical Workflows

Roadmap to eRegulatory: Define Eight Critical Workflows

Transitioning to an eRegulatory platform is full of benefits; accelerated study startup, centralized document management, the ability to review and sign documents anywhere, easy task management, remote monitoring, and more.

After hundreds of successful site implementations, our team has developed a complete guide for clinical research sites and centers planning for eRegulatory, available here.

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Defining Your Eight Critical Workflows

The second stop in the process of eRegulatory, after defining your goals, is to define your eight critical workflows. Defining these processes will help to determine which areas will smoothly transition to eRegulatory, and which ones could potentially pose challenges or roadblocks.

When working with sites, we spend significant time digging deep into their current workflows to gain a clear and complete picture of who they are and how they operate. The eight workflows we work with sites to define are below.

The Eight Workflows

  • Document management, version control and retention.
  • eSignatures and Document Review
  • AccessControl
  • Email Correspondence
  • Adverse Event Reporting
  • Delegation of Authority
  • Study Training Documentation
  • Software Training

Whether you are just beginning to think about eRegulatory, or you’re actively exploring making this time-saving transition, our team would love to answer your questions. Simply click here and get in touch. We look forward to connecting!

Download Complete eRegulatory Guide

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