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Florence’s SiteLink™

Accelerate timelines. Increase site capacity. Reduce site burden.

Activate remote site start-up, monitoring, and source data review/verification on SiteLink™. Connect and deploy Florence eBinders™, the industry-standard electronic Investigator Site File and Electronic Participant Binder, on a global scale to every site in your study.

Remote Monitoring with Florence

How SiteLink Transforms Your Operations

Create a digital connection to every site in your study on a platform they already love and use in their workflows.

Increase Site Satisfaction

Empower your sites with Florence eBinders via SiteLink, the top-rated platform for clinical trial workflows, acclaimed for its user-friendliness, effortless setup, and exceptional support.

Accelerate Study Start-up

Accelerate your drug development process with our automated workflows. Cut start-up times by 40% and reduce study timelines, all while streamlining your workflow.

Decrease Site Workloads

By providing your sites with eBinders, you equip them with a workflow engine that streamlines redundant workflows and consolidates divergent procedures, leading to a reduction of site workloads by as much as 40%.

Expand Patient Access

Embrace the power of digital connectivity and work with any site, anywhere. By deploying remote digital workflows, you can effortlessly expand your network and collaborate with geographically dispersed sites, enabling you to conduct research with greater ease and efficiency.

Maximize CRA Efficiency

Empower your CRAs with remote access capabilities. SiteLink allows for remote monitoring of over 60 sites per week, reducing staffing bottlenecks and travel costs while increasing impact on study sites.

Improve TMF Quality

Integrate SiteLink with your eTMF for seamless document exchange with sites. Boost your eTMF pass rate from 65% to 98.7% like one of our satisfied customers.

“[With Florence’s SiteLink] we’re providing a more valuable site management experience, while allowing more time and opportunities for site support, compliance reviews and continuous monitoring of patient safety and study quality.”

Rajneesh Patil
VP of Clinical Operations and Head of Digital Strategy

An Inside Look at Florence’s SiteLink

Start Up Sites Remotely

Remotely activate and start up your study sites with a complete suite of electronic binder solutions.

  • The Florence site activation team – the best in the industry – helps you get sites activated on the platform in days.

  • Deploy the industry-standard electronic Investigator Site File (eISF) to every site with templates and pre-built workflows.

  • Distribute fully electronic Participant Binders to study sites.

  • Create and track placeholders, due dates and task assignments to keep studies progressing.

  • Sites conduct all start-up document completion in platform, giving you 24/7 visibility.

92% of 140 study sites in 8 countries were activated on Florence for remote source access and monitoring in four weeks.”
VP Clin Ops, Top 3 Pharma

“Our highest performing CRAs are now ‘visiting’ 64 sites per week with remote monitoring on SiteLink, up from 2 per week.
VP Clin Ops, Top 5 CRO

Experience 24/7 Continuous Monitoring of Sites

Access your study sites’ Electronic Investigator Site Files anytime for continuous monitoring.

  • Perform remote monitoring from anywhere across your portfolio of study sites.

  • Minimize disruptions to study sites when they do their work from start to finish in the platform.

  • Support risk-based monitoring plans with easy access to every document.

  • Maximize CRA efficiency with the ability to “visit” 60+ study sites per week.

Remote SDV and Remote SDR

Conduct remote source data review and remote source data verification anytime.

  • Use multiple methods to collect source documents, including front-end EMR integration, drag-and-drop, email to binders, and direct source entry.

  • Built-in redaction at the site level ensures PHI remains safe.

  • Automatic routing of source documents minimizes site staff workload and increases timeliness, quality and completeness.

  • Gain compliant access to participant binders in accordance with global and regional regulations.

  • Mitigate problems faster with advanced insights into risk areas or deviations.

Capture Source Remotely

“I worked with a site that was supposed to get something done for me in 6 months, a tight timeline. They got it done in 18 days.”
Medical Device Industry Sponsor

“Every day you delay a clinical trial you lose $600K. For a blockbuster drug, that’s 8M per day – that’s just a fact. Florence’s SiteLink saves us 90-100 days on a trial. You do the math.”
VP Site Management, BioPharma

Communicate and Collaborate with Sites Remotely

Enable global dashboards, compliant workflows, communications and electronic logs to remotely manage study site conduct.