The Next Phase Podcast: Exploring Innovation in Clinical Trials

Inspired by the industry’s gaps and issues exposed during the Covid-19 crisis, the podcast focuses on sites, sponsors, and CROs leveraging technology to support a new, more remote era of clinical research.

Latest Episodes

Episode 12 | A Look Back: Key Learnings in Clinical Research Innovation

Capping off season 2 of “The Next Phase,” this episode looks back at the insights and key learnings gleaned from conversations with industry experts as they’ve unpacked the innovations driving clinical research in a post-pandemic economy. Blake is joined by Florence Healthcare’s co-founder and CEO Ryan Jones to discuss what’s happening in clinical research today and the innovations Ryan anticipates will have the biggest impact on the industry.

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Episode 11 | The Evolution of Real-World Evidence in Epidemiology 

This episode dives into epidemiology and real-world evidence, as host Blake Adams and Paul Petraro, Global Head of Real World Evidence, Data Analytics, Value Evidence and Outcomes for Boehringer Ingelheim explore the evolution of real-world data, its use cases, and the need for trust and transparency when leveraging information across the clinical research industry.

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Episode 10 | Data Powering Actionable Outcomes in Clinical Trials

As the world becomes increasingly digital, clinical trials using real-world evidence are armed with more data than ever before. In this episode, Blake speaks with Tracey Robertson, Global Process Lead for Boehringer Ingelheim, about how researchers can take that data and turn it into findings that support actionable outcomes and leverage technology that makes trials effective, scalable, and impactful.

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Episode 9 | Considering the Patient Experience in Decentralized Trials

In this episode, Blake speaks with Michelle Shogren, Senior Director of Innovation at Bayer, about how incorporating the patient experience in decentralized models breathes innovation into clinical trials.

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Episode 8 | Investment Trends in the Clinical Research Industry

In this episode, host Blake Adams discusses investment trends in the clinical research industry with Joe Munda, Senior Vice President of First Analysis.

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Episode 7 | Decentralized Trials in a Post-Pandemic World

Join host Blake Adams for a conversation with Amir Lahav, Head of Digital R&D, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America, about the innovative ways companies can approach decentralized trials in a post-pandemic world.

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Episode 6 | Diversity and Inclusion

In this episode, brought to you by the Florence Diversity and Inclusion Committee, host Blake Adams and Leslie Byatt, clinical research manager for NMCCA and UNMCCC, discuss the importance of diversity – for both people and technology – across research initiatives.

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Episode 5 | eTMF: The Future of Real-Time Collaboration

In this episode, host Blake Adams and Sholeh Ehdaivand, founder, president and CEO of LMK Clinical Research Consulting, discuss Trial Master Files (TMF) and their pivotal role in the future of real-time collaboration between clinical research sites and sponsors.

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Episode 4 | Technology and Streamlining Clinical Operations

Join host, Blake Adams, and Maxis Medical’s Executive Vice President, Suji Shetty, to discover how technology is streamlining clinical operations processes.

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Episode 3 | The Evolving Role of the Clinical Research Associate (CRA)/ Clinical Trial Associate (CTA)

Join host Blake Adams and ACRP Workforce Innovation Officer Beth Harper as they explore the evolving CRA/CTA landscape, and how roles are shifting as technology continues to play a stronger role in clinical operations.

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