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Streamline clinical trial workflows with electronic documents and always-on, remote site-sponsor links.

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Industry Sponsors

Accelerate study timelines and increase site satisfaction by linking to your study sites for remote, continuous workflows.

Large Sponsors
Emerging + Midsize Sponsors


Hit milestones faster and maximize your workforce efficiency by remotely linking to your sites and your sponsors.

Large CROs
Small + Midsize CROs

Research Sites

Simplify and integrate workflows across studies, teams, and multi-site locations and activate remote access for sponsors.

Research Sites
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Why Trust Florence for your Clinical Trial Workflows

Remotely Links Sites and Sponsors

Always-on, remote digital document and administrative workflows transform the way sponsors, CROs and sites work together in traditional site-based and decentralized trials.

Makes Site Staff Happier

Study sites rate Florence #1 for ease of use, setup, and support. If you’re a site leader giving your team eBinders or a sponsor/CRO deploying eBinders to your sites, you can count on them loving it.

Employee Productivity

Maximizes Employee Productivity

Linked workflows improve employee efficiency and productivity. Reduce the impact of hiring and retention challenges. CRAs on Florence can monitor 60+ sites per week.

Employee Productivity

Expands Patient Access

Remote links with study sites in historically underserved areas increase access to diverse participant populations. Florence’s network of 10,000 connected study sites is already within 25 miles of 80% of the US population and in 45 countries worldwide.

Employee Productivity

Accelerates Study Timelines

Standardizing processes while still enabling flexibility to adapt to individual site processes helps increase efficiency and accelerate timelines. Florence’s solutions reduce study start-up times by 40% in most instances.

Employee Productivity

Increases Safety and Compliance

Audit trails, version controls, controlled user access, and built-in PHI redaction take the risk out of going digital. Adverse events workflows and electronic consenting coupled with real-time remote site monitoring improve participant safety.

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Florence’s platform is helping Pfizer to respond to the changing environment due to COVID-19 and further progress COVID-19 research with the capability to perform remote monitoring where approved by regulatory authorities and ethics committees.

Rob Goodwin
VP and Head of Operations in Global Product Development

According to user reviews, Florence is rated the #1 clinical trial workflows platform for ease-of-setup, ease-of-use and customer support.

Why being rated #1 out of 190 clinical trial platforms on G2, the peer-to-peer review site, matters for you.

  • High Adoption: We lead the industry with 92%+ site technology activation per study.

  • Faster Timelines: Intuitive workflows that eliminate duplicate work mean work gets done fast.

  • Low FTE Burden: You don’t need large dedicated IT teams to support implementation and management.

  • Always Reliable: Our customers have had 100% uptime over the last 12 months. We’re there when you need us.

In clinical research, compliance is crucial. We’ve got you covered.

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Florence’s Research Workflow Products


Activate always-on, remote workflows with study sites.

  • Remote Site Start-up

  • Remote Site Monitoring

  • Remote Source Data Review

  • Remote Source Data Verification

  • Electronic Investigator Site Files

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Simplify administrative and operational workflows across your site.

  • Electronic Investigator Site Files

  • Electronic Participant Binders

  • Electronic Logs

  • Multi-location Management

  • Remote Monitoring

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Standardize your trial master file and connect to sites through SiteLink.

  • Standard TMF Structures

  • Document Routing Workflows

  • Connection to Sites with SiteLink

  • Submittal and Archiving

  • Flexible and Scalable Platform

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Simplify informed consent workflows with participants.

  • Similar to Paper Workflows for Ease-of-use

  • Intuitive Interface for Participants

  • Automatic Version Controls

  • Compliant eSignatures from Anywhere

  • Standardized Consent Across Sites and Studies

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“Our eTMF QA score went from a 65% submission pass rate to 98.7% by having real-time remote access to the site eISF.”

Aperio Clinical Outcomes

92% of 140 study sites in 8 countries were activated on Florence for remote source access and monitoring in four weeks.”

VP Clin Ops, Top 3 Pharma

“Our highest performing CRAs are now visiting’ 64 sites per week with remote monitoring on Florence, up from 2 per week.”

VP Clin Ops, Top 3 Global CRO

Florence Supports Remote Workflows on a Global Scale

Florence now supports workflows between sponsors and more than 10,000 study sites in 45 countries.