Gathering and securing data throughout the lifecycle of a clinical trial is of utmost importance in order to preserve study integrity. To facilitate this collection of critical data, researchers need access to various case report forms. Luckily, many reputable institutions have created databases to address this specific need.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of reputable institutions and links to their study case report form documentation below. The resources are separated out by institution and include a brief summary of the case report form information you will find in each location.

A large amount of participant information is gathered at the initiation of a study; therefore organizations often identify efficiency bottlenecks during study startup. Study complexity has risen 325% over the past decade, but getting your study started fast contains more obstacles now than ever before.

As an added bonus to the case report form repository below, we want to help you in your efforts to reduce bottlenecks during study startup and throughout the lifecycle of your study. We’ve also assembled a kit of essential trial optimization resources to get you started:

  • eClinical Solutions for Clinical Trials, for a complete outline of the top electronic solutions available for clinical trials.
  • eISF Reference Model, so you know the industry’s current standard for setting up and managing an Electronic Investigator Site File.
  • The Ultimate Guide to eRegulatory, a detailed guide to all things eReg and how choosing the right solution can accelerate study startup time and reduce costs.

We believe this kit will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to accelerate your studies!

Case Study Report Form (CRF) Content Repository

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NIH)

Study templates, sample case report forms, and additional tools

Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC)

Eight key steps from creation to completion of a clinical trial

Emory University (Emory)

Modifiable documents specific to Clinical Study Initiation

University of Wisconsin (UW) 

Links categorized for before, during and after a study, including audit prep

Global Health Clinical

Resources from study template to financials for every category of your clinical trial


Current and superseded case reports forms for the lifecycle of your trial

University of Minnesota (UofM)

Library of documents specifically for IRB staff and researchers

Boston University Medical Center (BMC)

Provides study documentation tools in line with ICH GCP guidelines

Gathering resources for Case Report Forms is a great place to begin optimizing bottlenecks within your clinical trial operations. If you are looking to increase study start up timelines, decrease overall trial cost, and further reduce the time burden of manual processes, request access to our Clinical Trial Optimization Kit resources below.