Turn-on Remote Trial Site Access, SDV,
Study Start-up, and Monitoring – Fast

Florence connects Sponsors and CROs directly to the #1 eISF workspace installed at 7,200 Investigator sites across 26 countries.

Florence eTMF Multi-Platform

Enable real-time, secure, and compliant remote study site access for start-up, SDV, and monitoring with Florence.

Successful clinical trials require remote site access and collaboration. We’ve got you covered. Florence eHub gives Sponsors and CROs direct digital access to the network of 7,200+ Investigator sites across 26 countries managing their eISF on our platform. Plus, our expert site digital transformation team works with you to get your other sites online fast – in as little as three days.

Are you a Research Site? Learn how to turn-on remote collaboration and join the Florence Network with the #1 eISF platform, Florence eBinders.

When teams collaborate, research accelerates.

Collaborate with Sites

Digitally connect to all of your study sites’ eISF platforms for real-time regulatory and source document access, review, and exchange.

Ensure Compliance

Focused on compliance with CFR 21 Part 11, GDPR, EMRA, Annex-11 and HIPAA regulations and featuring automated audit trails Florence keeps you inspection ready.

Digital from Startup to Closeout

Manage documents and workflows from startup to closeout with one-click reg binder deployment, eSignatures, fillable forms, dashboards, reports, and task management.

Fast Deployment

Get your team and study sites set-up fast and all users transitioned with our top-ranked implementation and support teams. Your sites transitioned to eISF for remote access in as little as three days.

“Florence has some incredible features that are very intuitive making it fast to get teams started.”

Teri, Sr. Project Manager
Global Research Consortium

We’re focused on:

HIPPA Compliant eTMF
GDPR Compliant eTMF
FDA Part 11 Compliant eTMF
MHRA Compliant eTMF
Annex-11 Compliant eTMF

We love working with Sponsors on Florence. Collaborating in real-time on a single document management platform helps us tackle study tasks faster and keep research on track.

Dr. Christina Brennan
VP of Clinical Research

Collaborate with Sites on a Platform they Love

The most important question when deploying technology to collaborate with research sites is “will they adopt it, use it, and love it?“. Florence is the #1 Electronic Investigator Site File (eISF) in the industry installed at more than 7,200 Investigator sites in 26 countries. When you start your next study with Florence you gain access to these sites. In addition, we partner with you to rapidly turn-on your other sites not yet connected to Florence in as little as three days (read the case study here.)

Accelerate Study Startup

Accelerate startup with remote study start-up capabilities by as much as 40% with single-click eReg packet deployment, document status tracker, and the ability to assign and monitor site tasks.

eSignatures Part 11 Compliant
Remote Monitoring and Remote SDV of Clinical Trials with Florence

Turn-on Remote Monitoring and Remote SDV

On the Florence platform, Research Sites electronically collect, store, route, and manage source documents.

Site staff collect source documents from any platform (EMR, EHR, eSource, or Paper Source), auto-file it into the appropriate location, and redact sensitive PPI in-app a flexible front-end application.

Sponsors and CROs then access this source data remotely, and securely, in a compliant platform.

The patented permission and access control system powering Florence eHub ensures the research site maintains control and ownership of their document per ICH GCP E6 R2 regulations.

This remote SDV capability gives Sponsors + CROs the ability to access source data and verify CRF and EDC information anytime, anywhere.

Intuitive and Flexible Workspace that Speeds Set-up

Every day matters when starting a new study. Being first-to-market is essential for maximizing revenue potential and delivering life-saving cures to those who need them most. Florence eHub is designed from the ground-up to be intuitive for teams to quickly begin using with minimal overhead.

We Know Sites

We’ve onboarded over 7,200 research sites. We know how to get your sites on the platform and up-to-speed fast, for most sites around the globe in as little as three days.

Easy eRegulatory Project Management
Florence eTMF and eHub Dashboard

Power your day with Active Dashboards and Reports

Keep tabs of all of your documents internally and across your study sites. Florence Dashboards provide you a birds-eye view of all document statuses – complete, expiring, expired, and missing – while giving you the ability to drill down to the specific site and assign corrective action tasks to study teams.

Maximize TMF Completeness

70% of your eTMF documents begin their life at the research site. With Florence you have real-time visibility into those documents to take corrective action and maximize TMF completeness.

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