2024 State of Tech-Enabled Clinical Trials Report

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Sponsor and CRO Perceptions are Different from Site Realities


of sponsors and CROs state they distribute site-centric eISFs


of sites find sponsor/CRO-provided technology inadequate


of sponsors view their software’s adoption as a key selection criterion


of sites stress the need for sponsor acceptance of their technology in study participation

N = 104 Sites and 41 Sponsor/CROs

Accelerating Site Enablement in 2024

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Embracing the Future of Clinical Technology


of sites, sponsors & CROs rate remote monitoring extremely important, aligning towards a continued move to remote-first clinical trials operations.


of sites view investing in technology as essential for being selected for a study, highlighting its growing importance in selection competition.


of sites continue to prioritize automating repetitive tasks, showing stable recognition of its efficiency benefits.

N = 104 Sites and 41 Sponsor/CROs

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