Blockchain will change the world!” This is the common message found in search engines and blog posts across the internet. But really, how many times have you heard this message before? It seems that a new, life-changing technology launches daily, so when should you actually pay attention to one of these “breakthroughs”?

The answer for Blockchain is now.

Blockchain consists of more than just Bitcoin, Ethereum, and outrageous speculation. In fact, McKinsey & Company predicts that Blockchain technology will revolutionize the world economy and fundamentally change the transactional process across numerous industries. So why is everyone so excited about Blockchain and what do you need to know?

While there are countless resources giving a deep-dive about Blockchain, below is a list of five quick things clinical trial executives should know about Blockchain and healthcare today as you prepare for tomorrow:

In summary, Blockchain’s potential impact on the healthcare space is immense. The buzz surrounding blockchain technology is warranted and should not be ignored. At Florence, we are doing our due diligence to spark the blockchain discussion and keep our clients’ in-the-know on the potential changes coming to healthcare and the clinical trial space.

We’ll be rolling out additional Blockchain posts in the weeks ahead, and our CTO is hosting a webinar “Blockchain in clinical trials, is it right for your company?” on May 17th. Click here to save your spot.