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18 02, 2020

How the MAGI eISF Reference Model Will Impact Your Work


eISF Reference Model Overview You’ve likely heard that the MAGI Global eISF / eReg Binder Reference Model Version 0.9 is open and available for review. By now, you may be wondering what’s next for me and my organization? Our representative on the MAGI eISF Reference Model Steering Committee, Jordan Tapley, walks us through [...]

How the MAGI eISF Reference Model Will Impact Your Work2020-02-23T20:24:23-05:00
14 08, 2019

Webinar Recording | eTMF + eISF Integrations: Why and Why Now?


Watch: eTMF + eISF Integration - Why and Why Now? Discover how it is now possible to directly integrate the eTMF and the Research Site eISF to accelerate research by connecting in a unified digital ecosystem. The use of electronic documentation in clinical trials, both at the site (eISF) and the [...]

Webinar Recording | eTMF + eISF Integrations: Why and Why Now?2019-08-14T11:03:06-04:00
29 07, 2019

Overcoming Four Common Challenges in Multicenter Research


Efficiently managing multicenter clinical trials is an essential capability of the modern research center. Complex protocols often require diverse subjects spread across a vast network of research sites - increasing pressure on the coordinating center to streamline operations, maintain oversight, and avoid compliance risks. While the challenges of managing multicenter trials is unique for [...]

Overcoming Four Common Challenges in Multicenter Research2019-08-01T13:38:11-04:00
17 07, 2019

Webinar Recording | Managing Multi-Center Clinical Trials


Webinar Recording: Best Practices for Managing Multicenter Research As the number of multicenter trials continues to grow, it is essential that coordinating centers begin thinking about their technology like a sponsor. This is especially important when it comes to the management of your data and documents. Leading coordinating centers are now [...]

Webinar Recording | Managing Multi-Center Clinical Trials2020-05-12T16:39:21-04:00
26 06, 2019

Technology in Multicenter Clinical Trials


Are you part of a multicenter clinical trial? If not, you may be soon. Multicenter trials, where a sponsor or CRO relies on a highly developed coordinating center to manage a network of sites, continue to gain popularity among sponsors looking to accelerate study timeline and reduce development costs. This growth is in direct [...]

Technology in Multicenter Clinical Trials2019-08-02T11:34:14-04:00
13 03, 2019

Webinar | Multi-center Clinical Research Management


Watch: Best Practices for Multicenter Research Management with Technology Learn best practices, tips, and tricks for managing multicenter clinical trials with technology. Multicenter research introduces unique challenges and bottlenecks for clinical trial leaders who are expected to manage studies across sites. To avoid study delays and compliance risks when managing multi-site [...]

Webinar | Multi-center Clinical Research Management2020-05-12T17:06:09-04:00
12 02, 2019

5 Key Advantages of eRegulatory


Over 75% of clinical trial sites who have not yet adopted eRegulatory plan to do so in 2019. Why? In addition to growing industry pressure from sponsors who expect a digital site infrastructure, trial sites with eRegulatory platforms are introducing key advantages over those sites without eReg. What are those advantages? Download Five Key Benefits [...]

5 Key Advantages of eRegulatory2019-08-02T15:45:49-04:00
18 01, 2019

How Lauren Begnaud Transitioned 65 Sites to eRegulatory at US Oncology


In this interview, we talked with Lauren Begnaud, Manager of Regulatory Affairs at the US Oncology Network, to discover how she successfully migrated 65 trial sites, 400 studies, and 2,000 Investigators and Support Staff to Florence eBinders for eRegulatory. Lauren has over 10 years of experience in the clinical research field and has successfully [...]

How Lauren Begnaud Transitioned 65 Sites to eRegulatory at US Oncology2019-08-01T17:09:06-04:00
19 12, 2018

Key Expectations of Clinical Trial Operations Leaders in 2019


Today’s clinical trial operations leaders are in a challenging and expanding role. You are expected to increase study capacity, manage more complex trial protocols, accelerate study startup, and ensure timely sponsor collaboration - all while remaining hamstrung by limited resources, siloed data, stronger regulations, changing sponsor demands, and a growing site footprint. Clinical [...]

Key Expectations of Clinical Trial Operations Leaders in 20192019-08-02T15:47:54-04:00