30 01, 2019

Observations from TMF Summit 2019: The Post-eTMF World


The Florence team just returned from the 2019 TMF Summit in Orlando, and interestingly, the core conversations throughout the conference were not really about TMFs. The innovation frontier in our industry has moved beyond core eTMF features and is now focused on the ring of activities surrounding them. What does a “Post eTMF” (or [...]

Observations from TMF Summit 2019: The Post-eTMF World2021-05-20T11:32:17-04:00
27 04, 2017

eClinical tools to dClinical tools


Gartner’s Michael Shanler was one of the first to recognize the trend of dClinical. He noticed that a new generation of software vendors was emerging who handled project management and reporting in a new way. Florence agrees with Michael’s observation, which is why we’re building tools that align with a dClinical approach. An abbreviated [...]

eClinical tools to dClinical tools2021-05-19T17:42:54-04:00
6 03, 2017

Florence Nominated to Present at 2017 Montgomery Summit


Florence, the company advancing clinical research through software, will be presenting at the 2017 Montgomery Summit this week in Santa Monica California. The Montgomery Summit chose Florence to present from a field of over 4,000 applicants. Presenters represent the most impressive and innovative companies in their fields, including enterprise software, cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, marketing [...]

Florence Nominated to Present at 2017 Montgomery Summit2021-05-19T17:08:33-04:00
19 12, 2016

What if I get audited?


A common question many teams ask as they face the transition to digital study documents is, “What if I get audited?” Inspections evoke fear because negative audit findings significantly impact everyone. Areas of high risk include missing documents, accurate delegation of authority logs, reporting delays, and inadequate monitoring or PI oversight. Given these risks, some [...]

What if I get audited?2021-05-19T16:56:56-04:00
12 07, 2016

Defining eSource for Clinical Trials: Three Practical Categories


When discussing eSource there is as much detail to explore as any other segment of clinical trial operations. But from small biotechs to top 20 pharma, the starting point for discussions is more simple: how do we define eSource? After numerous deployments of eBinders and eBinders eSource, we've come to understand that eSource is three things. First, let's [...]

Defining eSource for Clinical Trials: Three Practical Categories2021-05-19T15:56:49-04:00
9 08, 2015

Making Risk Based Monitoring Real for the Other 50% of Sponsors


This year we’ve met with 45 pharmaceutical, biotech, and device sponsors about both risk-based and remote-based monitoring (the combination referred to as RBM), and we’re seeing sponsors migrate to RBM in very different ways. We encountered three main RBM positions: Source: Florence HC industry interviews, 2015 Targeted. 50% have moved [...]

Making Risk Based Monitoring Real for the Other 50% of Sponsors2021-05-19T13:20:53-04:00
12 04, 2015

The End of EHR Data Connection Fees


The basis of healthcare data has not changed. Patient histories still set the stage. The exam still details how the patient looks, feels, and sounds. Vital signs are still gathered in similar ways. What has changed is what happens to this data logistically and economically after the patient visit. First, a bloom of EHRs drove digital [...]

The End of EHR Data Connection Fees2021-05-19T12:46:55-04:00
10 02, 2015

A Doctor’s Signature


Ask any pharmacist about the quality of a doctor’s signature and you will hear horror stories about the scribble that is every doctor’s signature. Doctors' signatures are always so hard to read. The signature represents the doctor giving their approval to a plan of care. This signature of approval represents the years of studying [...]

A Doctor’s Signature2021-05-19T12:39:25-04:00
2 01, 2015

FlorenceHC 2015 Meta List


To launch 2015, here’s a New Year’s greeting we hope is actually helpful: We’ve curated 15 of the best market intel sites in health IT to prepare you to take on the year. Happy reading and Happy New Year! – The Florence Healthcare Team, makers of eBinders for sites and eBinders for sponsors. The ’15 [...]

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4 12, 2014

Three Phases of Maturity for the Wearable Device Marketplace


According to Florence Healthcare’s wearablesandapps.com, a database surveying 85 connected devices, the majority of wearable health devices are focused on activity tracking. But with wearables now supporting almost 31 different measurements, companies making heart rate, blood pressure, glucose, and temperature devices are pushing vital metrics into the sphere of diagnostic care. According to the [...]

Three Phases of Maturity for the Wearable Device Marketplace2020-08-25T16:04:29-04:00