29 07, 2019

Overcoming Four Common Challenges in Multicenter Research


Efficiently managing multicenter clinical trials is an essential capability of the modern research center. Complex protocols often require diverse subjects spread across a vast network of research sites - increasing pressure on the coordinating center to streamline operations, maintain oversight, and avoid compliance risks. While the challenges of managing multicenter trials is unique for [...]

Overcoming Four Common Challenges in Multicenter Research2019-08-01T13:38:11-04:00
26 06, 2019

Technology in Multicenter Clinical Trials


Are you part of a multicenter clinical trial? If not, you may be soon. Multicenter trials, where a sponsor or CRO relies on a highly developed coordinating center to manage a network of sites, continue to gain popularity among sponsors looking to accelerate study timeline and reduce development costs. This growth is in direct [...]

Technology in Multicenter Clinical Trials2019-08-02T11:34:14-04:00