Efficiently managing multicenter clinical trials is an essential capability of the modern research center. Complex protocols often require diverse subjects spread across a vast network of research sites – increasing pressure on the coordinating center to streamline operations, maintain oversight, and avoid compliance risks.

While the challenges of managing multicenter trials is unique for every coordinating center, they are often categorized into four common areas: Lack of workflow standardization, lack of visibility and collaboration, coordinator turnover, and the need for additional training and site support.

As technology solutions continue to transform clinical research operations, one of the key improvements we’ve seen is the ability for coordinating centers to reduce, or even eliminate, these critical challenges associated with managing multicenter clinical research.

Florence eBinders is the leading multicenter research platform harnessed by coordinating centers around the world to streamline multisite management. Our patented method for managing a network of research sites on a single digital ecosystem is empowering multisite trials for more than 4,500 research sites, investigators, sponsors, and CROs.

With Florence, every site receives their own fully equipped digital workspace where they actively manage all regulatory and source documents, workflows, and processes. The coordinating center is then able to see real-time insights into site progress, seamlessly exchange documents, and assign tasks and projects to individual sites and site staff.

This digitally connected ecosystem helps coordinating centers overcome the four common challenges in multicenter clinical trials:

While technology alone will not solve all of the challenges of multicenter research, when combined with other best practices coordinating centers are equipped to handle the growing demand on their time and resources.

If you manage multicenter research, or aspire to in the future, connect with our site solutions team to discover how leading coordinating centers are deploying Florence eBinders to manage multicenter clinical trials.

Florence Webinar: Managing Multicenter Trials

As the number of multicenter trials continues to grow, it is essential coordinating centers begin thinking about their technology like a sponsor. This is especially important when it comes to the management of your data and documents.

Watch this webinar recording discussing best practices for managing multisite clinical trials.