Florence Healthcare Unveils New Brand Identity, Reinforcing Commitment to Site Enablement in Clinical Research

Atlanta, GA – Florence Healthcare, the leader in Clinical Research Site Enablement, today announces the launch of its new brand identity as part of the company’s growth. The rebranding emphasizes Florence’s commitment to research site workflows, offering solutions that enable sponsors to connect to and empower every site with best-in-class workflow technology. 

Using its foundation of more than 12,000 sites across 45 countries active in the platform, and over 100,000 research users across sites, sponsors, and CROs, Florence is uniquely positioned to connect the research industry through technology. Every month, Florence facilitates more than 6.5 million research workflows.

Ryan Jones, CEO of Florence Healthcare, said, “Competition for site capabilities is increasing, with the industry only able to handle 62% of the studies started every year, and sponsors now have a mandate to focus on becoming a sponsor of choice through site enablement. Our updated branding reflects our deep understanding of research sites and positions us to transform the way sponsors and CROs collaborate with them and accelerate cures.”

Site Enablement Platforms are already being adopted globally by research sponsors and CROs, as evidenced by partnerships between Florence and several industry giants. These partnerships further demonstrate Florence’s commitment to providing an integrated platform that connects research sites, sponsors, and CROs for seamless collaboration and efficient management of clinical research documents.

Blake Adams, SVP of Marketing at Florence Healthcare, stated, “Our visual identity now truly reflects our corporate strategy of linking sponsors, CROs, and sites for seamless integration of their clinical research document workflows. By connecting every research site in the world on an integrated platform, we are revolutionizing the way clinical trials are conducted.”

“Rebranding is more than just pretty colors. It’s taking the strategic vision of the company and both showing and telling a compelling story that grounds us in how we get there. When we approached this rebranding effort, we wanted to get the balance right of staying true to our site customers, accurately reflecting our Florence values, while pivoting to have a larger global reach,” said Stephanie Bylos, Director of Brand at Florence Healthcare.

The rebranding initiative not only elevates the company’s visual identity but also supports Florence’s mission to drive growth by focusing on site-first solutions. The Florence team is proud to have our internal values represented consistently externally, inspiring the creation of a new future state for the industry that serves all stakeholders better.

For more information about Florence Healthcare, its new brand identity, and the Site Enablement Platform, visit the updated website at Florencehc.com.

About Florence Healthcare:

Florence Healthcare is a leading provider of Site Enablement Platforms, committed to accelerating cures by better linking sponsors, CROs, and research sites. The company’s integrated platform streamlines the clinical trial process, enabling seamless collaboration and more efficient management of clinical research documents. Florence Healthcare is dedicated to fostering innovation and improving patient outcomes worldwide.