Announcing Florence Collaboration with Shared Investigator Platform (SIP)

Last week at SCOPE Summit Florence announced a strategic collaboration with Cognizant. The collaboration aims to accelerate clinical research by integrating its industry-leading Florence eBinders Electronic Investigator Site File (eISF) platform with the Cognizant Shared Investigator Platform (SIP).

The two companies announced that their systems successfully exchanged requests and documents as the first step in collaboration to enhance the connectivity between sites and sponsors.

“Working together allows us to further streamline clinical trial activities – increasing efficiency and accelerating trial timelines,” said Ryan Jones, CEO of Florence. “Industry Sponsors using the Shared Investigator Platform can now connect directly to our network of over 6,300 research sites to exchange clinical study documents and data.”

Cognizant’s Shared Investigator Platform began as a collaboration among major industry sponsors to provide a common digital workspace that simplifies the clinical trial process, enables sponsors to collaborate more effectively with sites, and shares data and clinical trial information between a sponsor and its clinical sites.

“Sponsors harnessing our Shared Investigator Platform know the value of making it easier for research sites to connect”, says Larissa Comis, Product Lead, Shared Investigator Platform, “as Sponsors began to encounter Florence eBinders at a majority of their sites we realized that integration was key to increasing efficiency and accelerating timelines.”

More than 6,300 research centers manage their eRegulatory and eSource files on the Florence eBinders Electronic Investigator Site File platform. This integration allows research sites to maintain control of their documents and data within Florence eBinders while enabling single-click exchange with Sponsors on the Shared Investigator Platform.

“Prior to this integration, research sites participating in SIP had to maintain documents both in it and our eISF, creating friction,” says Jones, “now research sites on the Florence eBinders platform can securely and seamlessly exchange documents and data with Sponsors on SIP without ever leaving eBinders.”

“In addition to document and data exchange, the Shared Investigator Platform also enables faster and more effective site selection processes for Sponsors,” says Ty Quinn, VP of Sponsor/CROs at Florence. “Now, Sponsors using SIP to assist with site selection will have access to feasibility information from our network of research sites”.

Research sites on Florence eBinders can choose to participate in the Shared Investigator Platform by sharing relevant data to aid with site startup and monitoring. This data can be shared with a single push of a button instead of having to enter the data in both eBinders and SIP.

Media Contact
​Blake Adams
VP Marketing, Florence