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Why Sites Join Florence’s SiteNavigator Network

Start your study process on the workflow platform that digitizes the site-sponsor connection across 12,000+ sites in 45 countries.

Elevate Brand with Sponsors

Enhance your organization’s reputation by showcasing your capabilities to research sponsors actively seeking collaboration partners. Attract valuable sponsorships and partnerships that contribute to your organization’s growth and success.

Maintain a Single Up-to-Date Feasibility Profile

Reduce repetitive work by managing one comprehensive, up-to-date profile on our platform. Grant multiple users access to edit the profile while maintaining audit records, ensuring accuracy and accountability for your organization’s information.

Grant Any Sponsor Access to Your Feasibility Profile

Simplify the feasibility process by allowing sponsors to view and download your profile with ease, eliminating the need for constant paperwork. Expand your network and foster fruitful collaborations with sponsors from around the world.

Join a Collaborative Network of Research Sites

Become a part of a vibrant community of research sites dedicated to advancing cures and streamlining operations. Share knowledge, insights, and best practices with like-minded organizations to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of clinical research.

Enjoy Exclusive Benefits and Access to Events

Take advantage of discounted and early access to industry events like Research Revolution, where you can network, learn, and collaborate with other professionals. Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the opportunities and resources available through the Florence SiteNavigator network.

Collaborating in real-time on a single document management platform helps us tackle study tasks faster and keep research on track.

Dr. Christina Brennan
VP of Clinical Research

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