As technology continues to transform Clinical Research operations, both research sites and sponsors are investigating ways to leverage this technology to make the most impact on their organizations and research as a whole.

As a technology vendor ourselves, we often hear that organizations are continually approached by new technology vendors entering the market. This constant influx of vendors is not only overwhelming but can be detrimental to your trial operations if the selected vendor’s solution lacks in critical areas of functionality.

The first step to making an impactful technology decision at your organization is understanding the factors at play within the industry, including regulatory bodies, technology vendors, sponsors/CROs, research sites, your peers, and technology innovation at large.

This article captures insights from the Florence Annual State of the Industry Survey conducted in December of 2019. It includes a pulse on where clinical research sites are investing related to technology in 2020.

For the research leader, this article serves as a strategic planning document to ensure your organization is prepared for the coming technology transformation. If you would prefer to download the State of the Industry guide for additional information on this topic and direct insights into results from the survey, please do so here.

Today’s Clinical Trial Site Technology Environment

For the successful implementation of technology at the clinical research site, the external environment must also be accepting and encouraging. Understanding how the external environmental pressures are shaping the direction in which innovation expands will help you prepare for evolving technologies and trends within clinical research.

Three critical factors essential to the evolution of clinical trial site-based technology have emerged in recent months:

Five Ways Technology Will Impact Clinical Trials

Technology will transform the clinical trial of tomorrow in numerous ways turning away from antiquated, manual processes, like printing, filing, faxing, and cataloging paperwork, to innovative and automated processes within a digital environment.

These process changes will result in long-lasting and significant improvements within clinical research operations that will transform how research is conducted in the future.

Based on our survey, five of the most significant changes expected in the next three years are:

Rapid evolution has already begun and with the recent shift to focus on remote capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, research organizations are more eager now than ever to find technology solutions that are right for their organization.

To get the full guide on the 2020 Clinical Research State of the Industry Report, including survey stats, the top technologies your peers are considering and how to prepare you research site for technology evolutions – please download the full report here.