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2020 Clinical Trial Technology State of the Industry Report

Insights from the December 2019 Florence Annual State of the Industry Survey.

What you will learn:

  • How your peers are planning on utilizing technology in 2020
  • Data-driven insights on five ways technology will impact clinical trials
  • How to prepare research sites for rapid technology evolution
  • Key technology adoption in 2020 among clinical research sites

Understand Trends

2020 leading clinical trial technology, future user adoption metrics, industry pulse on digital workload shift

Build a Strategic Growth Plan

step-by-step guide on how to create a plan for your center to optimize the technology evolution within clinical trials

Reach Impactful Goals

apply analytics and technology adoption plan to reach organizational milestones and clinical trial excellence

Taking advantage of these innovations requires clinical research sites to understand the factors impacting the state of the industry. These factors include regulatory bodies, sponsors/CROs, your peers, and technology at large.

Download this strategic planning document to ensure your organization is prepared for the coming technology transformation in Clinical Trials.

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