Your Florence Expert

Blake Adams
VP Marketing

As clinical research teams begin shifting to remote work, having the right tools in place is essential to keep study timelines on track.

Florence has experimented with numerous tools to enhance remote work over the years. We strive to keep our team focused on accelerating research with real-time updates, project deliverables, deadlines, responsibility adjustments, and clear expectations.

Below is a list of the tools that have contributed the most value to our team. Hopefully, they also enable you to work more efficiently during your time working from a remote location.

Video Conferencing/Meeting Tools

When working remotely, it makes a big difference when you can engage with coworkers and clients via video. Visually seeing those you are working with helps you communicate more efficiently through body language and helps increase focus and engagement of meeting participants.

  • Zoom
    • A video conferencing platform that enables online meetings and larger webinar conferences. As an individual you can sign up for zoom free of charge which includes meetings that host up to 100 people, unlimited 1:1 meetings and stay for up to 40 minutes in group meetings. There is also a HIPAA compliant version of zoom that can be used for Healthcare when sensitive information is being share.
  • Google Hangouts
    • The G-Suite Google product Google Hangouts is another good option for video conferencing and also includes a IM chat function. Google Hangouts has a 14 day free trial and plans start at $6 a month. This platform can also be added as an extension to your chrome browser.
  • Whereby
    • Whereby, formerly know as AppearIn, is a unique video conferencing platform. This platform allows you to make a URL as a custom “meeting room.” When you send the custom created link to another user – they can enter your meeting room to begin the video chat. For quick, ad-hoc meetings, this option works great! Whereby is free for 1 user for 1 meeting room, then plans begin at $9.99 a month.

Project Management Tools

Keeping up with project deadlines, tasks, responsibilites and adjustments can be difficult if you are working with a team remotely. Utilizing robust technology with functionality built specifically for project managemnt can make a huge different in how successful your remote projects are.

Selecting a project management tool to aid in this burden can be extrememly beneficial. Many of these tools are also affordable and easy to implement.

  • Asana
    • A interactive web-based and mobile application, Asana is a helpful tool for project management. It was purpose-built to help track goals, maintain tasks, and manage teammates. Some of it’s top features include timelines, forms and automation. A basic plan is offered for free and then prices start at $10.99 a month.
    • A great project management tool that allows teams to build out complex projects and manage team resources appropriately. This engaging platform’s top features are customized notifications and dashboards. Each plan pricing is based on the number of users and features you want to utilize.
  • eBinders
    • Florence eBinders is a purpose-built eRegulatory system that not only create compliant document management system but allows for project management. Functionality like tasks, announcements, dashboards, and notifications allow for a compliant way to send real-time updates to all relevant team member.

Team Communication Tools

Communication is key when it comes to working together in a team. When a team is separated from one another, more effort needs to be made to communicate clearly and effectively. At Florence, we have found that creating a messaging network for fast reply messages that are specific to work make a big difference on how quickly and efficiently we get projects completed.

  • Slack
    • A messaging app that ensures coworkers stay connected on critical projects. Slack channels can spit up coworkers into different groups for different topics to create more cohesive communication. Various functionality like notifications, pinned messages and channel call outs allow for important messages to get to the right people at the right time.

When selecting remote tools to use during COVID-19 or as a new additional to your organizations toolbox, remember that patient information and other sensitive information must only be shared in a compliant platform.

The suggested tools, aside from eBinders and Zoom HIPAA compliant platform, may not conform to the needed regulations for your organization. Please verify before putting any of these tools to use.