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Join 10,000+ clinical trial sites in 44 countries scaling capacity and accelerating research with Florence eBinders for eRegulatory, eSource, eISF, and Remote Access.

Eliminate inefficient document workflows wasting time and money, limiting your ability to scale and attract new studies.

Florence eBinders integrates all of your clinical trial systems, automates eRegulatory processes, reduces contract negotiation time, tracks study progress, and enables secure remote monitoring on the industry-standard eRegulatory, eISF, and eSource platform.

Join our growing network of over 10,000 research teams in 44 countries.

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Collaborating in real-time on a single document management platform helps us tackle study tasks faster and keep research on track.

Dr. Christina Brennan
VP of Clinical Research

When teams collaborate, research accelerates.

Accelerate Workflows

Florence eBinders integrates all of your clinical trial systems, automates eRegulatory processes, reduces contract negotiation time, tracks study progress, and enables secure remote monitoring.

Ensure Compliance

Focused on CFR 21 Part 11, GDPR, EMRA, Annex-11 and HIPAA regulations and featuring automated audit trails Florence keeps you inspection ready.

Connect to Sponsors + CROs

Remote monitoring and site access is now a top priority for Sponsors + CROs selecting study sites. With Florence, you gain access to some of the best Sponsors + CROs in the world who trust Florence for remote site start-up, monitoring, and SDV.

Fast Deployment

Get your team and study set-up fast and all users transitioned with our top-ranked implementation and support teams. Most sites are fully up and running in four weeks!

eRegulatory, eSource, and eISF with Florence eBinders

“Florence has some incredible features that are very intuitive making it fast to get teams started.”

Teri, Sr. Project Manager
Global Research Consortium

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HIPPA Compliant eTMF
GDPR Compliant eTMF
FDA Part 11 Compliant eTMF
MHRA Compliant eTMF
Annex-11 Compliant eTMF

Collaborate with Your Team on a Platform They’ll Love

More than 10,000 research teams in 44 countries manage their Electronic Investigator Site Files (eISF) on Florence eBinders. When you start your next study with Florence you benefit from the software enhancements we’ve built by learning from these research teams. Compliant eRegulatory, eSource, eISF, eSignatures, research system integrations, remote monitoring, audit trails, and more.

Turn-on Remote Access

Reduce time spent in on-site monitor visits by turning on secure access to your monitors, as well as remote access capabilities for your team.

Reduce Document Cycle Time

Reduce document cycle times by as much as 40% during the course of the study with eSignatures, eLogs (e.g. electronic DOA Logs), fillable forms, and document status alerts.

eDOA Log with Florence eBinders for eRegulatory, eSource, and eISF
Remote Monitoring with Florence eBinders for eRegulatory, eSource, and eISF

Remove the Paper Log Bottleneck and Optimize Your Workflows

The premium Florence eLogs module offers an end-to-end digital workflow for creating, maintaining, signing, and closing electronic logs. Powerful use cases from eDOA logs to Adverse Event Logs are transformed with Florence eLogs.

Drive Standardized Flexibility

Admin-controlled organizational log templates ensure that your study logs are consistent. But with study-specific customization and “living log” features, the flexibility needed to adapt to protocols, research teams, DOA changes, and especially log types, is built-in and seamless.

Enhance Visibility

A digital log workflow enables never-before-seen levels of visibility into log status, log digital signature requests, and individual accountability. See missing signatures, track productivity, view detailed audit trails down to individual log entries and changes, and export completed PDF logs.

Boost Quality and Reduce Errors

Powerful version control features capture (and easily display) edits to individual log lines with no legibility issues. For a DOA log, this means fewer errors and simpler management. A designated authority can also sign-off on each individual entry as they are completed or all at one time.

Equip Your Site for Remote Monitoring, Start-up, and SDV

Sponsors + CROs now come to Florence to identify research sites connected to our digital network. The ability to turn-on remote site access for start-up, monitoring, and SDV is now a top priority for Sponsors + CROs launching new studies.

Remote Start-up

Collaborate with Sponsors + CROs remotely during study start-up to get to FPI fast – accelerating start-up times by as much as 40%.

Remote Monitoring

Enable secure remote monitoring of your study files and collaborate with monitors in the application on documents and tasks with our Remote QC & Monitor Review Module™.

Remote SDV

Collect source documents from any platform (EMR, EHR, eSource, or Paper Source), auto-file it into the appropriate location, flag document with PHI, and redact sensitive PHI in-app with a flexible front-end application. Then, grant Sponsors and CROs access to source data remotely, and securely, in a compliant platform for SDV.

Remote Monitoring with Florence eBinders for eRegulatory, eSource, and eISF