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22 01, 2015

Pay for Performance Comes to Prescriptions… and Clinical Trials


Payers are changing how providers get paid — from fee for service to paying for performance. This transition will be at the center of healthcare change for the foreseeable future– not only for practitioners, but surprisingly, also for therapy development. First, a little background. Pay-for-performance incentivizes providers with bonus payments as well as with [...]

Pay for Performance Comes to Prescriptions… and Clinical Trials2019-08-01T14:14:33-04:00
15 01, 2015

Do good, feel good: make software that matters


Today, the largest technology companies in the world create social connections, organize the world’s information, and build great devices. These have a massive impact on society. According to McKinsey, social media’s impact is estimated to top $1.3 trillion annually. That’s a big number, and if you’re a software developer, its one that will get you featured on Techcrunch, and get you lauded [...]

Do good, feel good: make software that matters2019-08-01T14:02:14-04:00
2 01, 2015

FlorenceHC 2015 Meta List


To launch 2015, here’s a New Year’s greeting we hope is actually helpful: We’ve curated 15 of the best market intel sites in health IT to prepare you to take on the year. Happy reading and Happy New Year! – The Florence Healthcare Team, makers of eBinders for sites and eBinders for sponsors. The ’15 [...]

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