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19 12, 2014

How will healthcare adopt “Event Driven” medicine?


Pairing remote monitoring devices with event driven medicine algorithms has the potential to address home health care’s current reliability and usability limitations. Studies have shown that home devices in this setting are fit to address the needs of chronic illnesses. Why are chronic diseases fit for this purpose? The non-intensive nature of chronic disease. Chronic [...]

How will healthcare adopt “Event Driven” medicine?2019-08-01T13:58:11-04:00
16 12, 2014

What’s really happening with Risk Based Monitoring and trial sites?


Is Risk Based Monitoring a help? Depends on where you sit in the clinical trial process. For example, in a recent Wall Street report, a CRO boasts: “20,000 sites and 250,000 patients now remotely monitored using award winning technology.” Meanwhile, the Florence Healthcare team met with dozens of sites around the world this quarter, and [...]

What’s really happening with Risk Based Monitoring and trial sites?2019-08-01T13:57:43-04:00
4 12, 2014

We’ve hit “Peak EHR,” now what?


Today electronic health records are now entrenched in the care experience after a painful adoption cycle. In fact, the last ten years were the decade of EHR adoption, with penetration growing from 17% to nearly 80% over the period, according to the CDC. EHR Adoption Affordable Care Act mandates drove this growth more recently [...]

We’ve hit “Peak EHR,” now what?2019-08-01T13:56:45-04:00
4 12, 2014

Three Phases of Maturity for the Wearable Device Marketplace


According to Florence Healthcare’s, a database surveying 85 connected devices, the majority of wearable health devices are focused on activity tracking. But with wearables now supporting almost 31 different measurements, companies making heart rate, blood pressure, glucose, and temperature devices are pushing vital metrics into the sphere of diagnostic care. According to the [...]

Three Phases of Maturity for the Wearable Device Marketplace2019-08-01T13:55:52-04:00