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Simplify Research Site
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The Florence suite of site workflow products is designed for the compliant flexibility research sites need to streamline operations, digitize workflows and connect with sponsors.

Trusted by 10,000 Study Sites in 45 Countries

How Florence Helps Research Sites

Digital from Start-up to Close-out

Create, edit, distribute, collect, sign and review all investigator site files, electronic logs, and participant binders electronically within a single platform. Speed study start-up by as much as 40%. One NCI Cancer Center reduced average time to sign from 2 weeks to 4 hours.

Flexible Workflows

Every site is unique and has custom workflows and standard operating procedures. Florence eBinders lets you set up your structures and workflows the way you need while maintaining regulatory compliance. You can also empower remote employees to help your team work from anywhere.

Automated Compliance

Built-in compliance features include automated audit trails, version control, extensive user permission options and in-app redaction. Plus, your team is supported by our extensive compliance program to help develop SOPs for going digital.


Florence is rated the #1 clinical trial workflow platform on G2 for ease-of-use, ease-of-setup, and customer support. Even the most paper-loving PI will enjoy moving to Florence eBinders – and our industry-leading implementation and customer operations team will help you do it!

Management of Multiple Sites

Easily manage document collaboration across multiple locations in a single platform. Enable a fully remote team with virtual workflows, signatures and task management.

Remote Monitoring

Give sponsor or CRO monitors secure and compliant access to your electronic investigator site file and redacted participant binder. Automate scheduling of remote visits, track monitor activity, and communicate with your monitor on follow-up items.

Customizable Electronic Logs

Improve patient safety, increase study speed, and ensure data quality with electronic clinical trial logs on Florence. Take advantage of customizable workflows for any log you need – Delegation of Authority Logs, Adverse Event Logs, Training Attestation Logs, Informed Consent Version Logs, Screening/Enrollment Logs and more.

Site-wide Visibility

A single view of all your studies is provided by global dashboards and project milestones. Track expired documents, missing signatures, and outstanding tasks in one central location.

Electronic Participant Binders

Our front-end integration with your EMR/EHR provides seamless source binder document collection, redaction, and storage. Provide monitors with secure remote access to source data for review and verification in a single platform.

In clinical research, compliance is crucial. We’ve got you covered.

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According to user reviews, Florence is rated the #1 clinical trial workflows platform for ease-of-setup, ease-of-use and customer support.

Why being rated #1 out of 190 clinical trial platforms on G2, the peer-to-peer review site, matters for you.

  • High Adoption: We lead the industry with 92%+ site technology activation per study.

  • Faster Timelines: Intuitive workflows that eliminate duplicate work mean work gets done fast.

  • Low FTE Burden: You don’t need large dedicated IT teams to support implementation and management.

  • Always Reliable: Our customers have had 100% uptime over the last 12 months. We’re there when you need us.

We are committed to making you and your sites successful.

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Clinical Trial Workflow Products for Research Sites

Florence’s eBinders
Electronic Document Workflows and Remote Access

Digitize all of your study binder workflows with Florence eBinders™ and provide remote access for start-up, monitoring and source data review for your sponsors. Trusted by 10,000 research sites around the globe.

  • Electronic Investigator Site Files

  • Electronic Participant Binders

  • Electronic Logs

  • Multi-Location Management

Florence’s eConsent
Enable Electronic Consent for Participants

Compliant and easy-to-use virtual informed consent solution. Designed to mimic the flow and usability of paper to make the consent process easy for everyone.

  • IRB and Sponsor Approved

  • Easy-to-use Participant Interface
  • Compliant and Secure
  • Link to Sponsors for Remote Monitoring

Hear Directly from Sites

Florence Supports Site Enablement on a Global Scale

Florence now supports workflows between sponsors and more than 10,000 study sites in 45 countries.

Learn more about Florence workflow solutions for research sites.