Webinar Recording: Best Practices for Managing Multicenter Research

As the number of multicenter trials continues to grow, it is essential coordinating centers begin thinking about their technology like a sponsor. This is especially important when it comes to the management of your data and documents.

Leading coordinating centers are now deploying multicenter capable eTMF/eISF platforms in an effort to streamline their trials.

In this ondemand webinar Florence, along with Dr. Christina Brennan, VP of Clinical Research at Northwell Health, share best practices for:

  • Streamlining and consolidating workflows and workstreams at all of your sites
  • Managing coordinator turnover at research sites
  • Gaining visibility into research site operations
  • Ensuring compliance of all sites involved in your study
  • Creating easy site document upload portals
  • Deploying study binders, amendments, and essential files to all sites quickly
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