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Everything you need to fully understand how eRegulatory and eSource will impact your clinical trial site – both the benefits and the challenges.

  • Benefits for Clinical Trial Sites
  • The Financial Impact
  • Avoiding Part-11 Compliance Mistakes
  • Selecting the Right Software Vendor
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The Complete Guide to Clinical Trial eRegulatory and eSource

I feel more prepared to face the ever-changing landscape of research because of our relationship and partnership with Florence.

Clinical Trial Director, Academic Research Center

Research sites who fully implement an eRegulatory and eSource solution will see a 12.5% capacity increase, a 40% efficiency increase, and accelerate study startup by 25% – ultimately realizing $1.05M in ROI.

Ryan Jones, CEO, Florence

The most essential thing to do when moving to eRegulatory and eSource is developing a strong plan of action. Know what to look for in a vendor, the steps to implementing it at your site, and how you are going to accelerate user adoption.

Jordan Tapley, Senior Site Consultant