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Discover why research sites and sponsors love Florence eBinders™ eISF + eTMF for real-time site startup, access & monitoring without paper.

The future of Investigator Site Files and Trial Master Files is here

Stop wasting valuable time waiting on your sites guessing where they are in the startup process, managing paper regulatory files, locating source documents, faxing, scanning, chasing signatures, trying to gain access to site documents, and tracking files and logs. Get back to doing what you love – advancing research.

Accelerate Clinical Research Study Startup

Accelerate study startup.

Clinical Trials Remote Monitoring

Enable remote monitoring and access.

Streamline Clinical Research Processes

Edit documents with confidence.

Clinical Trial Feasibility

Launch remote feasibility.

Clinical Research eSignatures

Review and approve documents quickly.

Review and Approve Clinical Research Documents

Single view of truth across sponsor and CRO teams.

How Florence eISF + eTMF Supports You

We’re more than a compliant document storage system,
we’re a research acceleration platform.

Designed for Sponsors and Research Sites

Rated as the most user-friendly platform in the industry, Florence is trusted by thousands of principal investigators, research sites, cancer centers, academic institutions, sponsors, medical device manufacturers, and CROs around the globe.

Florence eBinder Suite for eRegulatory and eSource

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