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Benefits of getting Digital Research Certified™

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Clinical research operations are undergoing rapid innovation. For your career to grow and to make an impact at your organization, you must keep up with the latest digital research trends. Each certification is composed of on-demand classes to help you expand your digital research capabilities.

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Add industry-recognized certifications to your LinkedIn profile and resume to prove to your current and future employers you know digital research. Access the Florence Digital Research Community to network with peers and speak on panels, webinars, and at events on your areas of expertise.

“83% of future clinical trials will rely on technology to power hybrid protocols and digital research. The sites that are prepared and trained for this new environment will be able to conduct more studies, help more patients, and ultimately accelerate medical cures.”

Blake Adams, VP Marketing, Florence

Digital Research Certification™ Process

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Complete in-depth courses on relevant topics and technology.

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Complete quiz and test to earn certification.

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Earn your badge and share it on LinkedIn and within the Florence community.