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Impact of Site Enablement Platforms: Clinical Research Associate Perspectives

In this benchmark report surveying 117 CRAs utilizing a Site Enablement Platform for remote site monitoring, you’ll learn:

📊 Emerging trends in Site Enablement Platforms, comparing current data with previous reports

🚀 Projected acceleration in decentralized trials and remote collaborations between sites, sponsors, and CROs

⏱️ Advantages of early adoption for sponsors and CROs, including faster study timelines through a risk-based approach in clinical trials

🌐 Florence Healthcare’s unique perspective on the digital transformation’s impact on the clinical research industry, highlighting the integration of clinical trial management software

Stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic clinical research landscape! Download now for actionable insights on optimizing your clinical operations with a Site Enablement Platform.

Increase Capacity.  Accelerate Timelines.  Mitigate Risk.


of CRAs spend less time on document management


of CRAs obtain site documents faster


of CRAs experience faster study start-up


of CRAs remediate site documents faster

What CRA’s are saying about Florence’s SiteLink™

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