4 Key Takeaways for Sponsors and CROs from “Digitizing the Site Network”–A Fireside Chat

by Blake Adams, SVP of Marketing at Florence

Missed our fireside chat about how sponsors can work remotely with sites in traditional and decentralized trials? The recording with Nimita Limaye, Research VP at IDC, can be found here. And until you have time to watch the full session, here are four key takeaways: 

1. Investing in a site-centric strategy is the key to unlocking the full potential of sponsors’ and CROs’ technology.
While remote access isn’t new, traditional portals, document vaults, and shared drives didn’t fit into site workflows, resulting in low adoption. Sponsors must prioritize selecting vendors with a strong track record and a reputation at study sites for this new shift to last.

2. Sponsors and CROs who don’t implement a remote monitoring/remote site link strategy will be left behind.
As with the shift to risk-based monitoring, sponsors and CROs that resist the shift to a remote, always-on link to their study sites to enable remote startup, monitoring, and SDR/V risk being left behind as the industry develops.

3. While they were a requirement for operating during COVID, always-on, remote links to study sites are now delivering long-term value.
Having always-on, remote access to study sites was imperative during COVID, but sponsors and CROs are now utilizing this technology across their entire portfolio. Why? It improved TMF timeliness and completion, increased site satisfaction, and optimized CRA performance.

4. No technology platform fits every need, so sponsors must prioritize their integration strategy.
A typical site logs into six technology platforms for every study they participate in. This number will increase as DCTs gain traction. Sponsors who fail to prioritize integration risk forcing duplicate work on study sites, leading to compliance risks, delays, and low-quality data.


By implementing Florence — the industry-standard electronic Investigator Site File — sponsors and CROs have access to their portfolios of sites at any time, from anywhere. More than 3.8 million remote site-sponsor links are currently facilitated every month by our eISF at 10,000 study sites in 45 countries.

Get in touch to talk about how we’ve helped sponsors and CROs improve TMF timeliness and completeness, boost site satisfaction scores, and maximize CRA efficiency.

Blake Adams is the SVP of Marketing for Florence Healthcare. He joined Florence in 2017 to help research teams advance cures by introducing them to innovative software solutions. He is a passionate storyteller and growth leader who also loves to travel – he’s been to over 30 countries!