eClinical tools to dClinical tools

Gartner’s Michael Shanler was one of the first to recognize the trend of dClinical. He noticed that a new generation of software vendors was emerging who handled project management and reporting in a new way. Florence agrees with Michael’s observation, which is why we’re building tools that align with a dClinical approach.

An abbreviated history of […]

Can I control access with electronic binders?

You’ve decided to make the transition from papers to digital. Your sponsor is on board. You’ve organized your binder and folder structure templates. Now what? It’s time to configure access by setting up roles and permissions. Not sure where to start? Here’s a quick guide to managing your team digitally.

Wait, I never had to manage […]

Florence Nominated to Present at 2017 Montgomery Summit

Florence, the company advancing clinical research through software, will be presenting at the 2017 Montgomery Summit this week in Santa Monica California.

The Montgomery Summit chose Florence to present from a field of over 4,000 applicants. Presenters represent the most impressive and innovative companies in their fields, including enterprise software, cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, marketing and advertising […]

What’s Your eRegulatory Strategy?

What’s your eRegulatory Strategy?

In the last year we’ve met with dozens of research centers to discuss this question. We discovered that moving to an eRegulatory platform is much more than moving from paper to digital documents.

Formulating a site-wide strategy for eRegulatory means considering 1) the benefits you seek and 2) the transition costs you’re willing […]

What if I get audited?

A common question many teams ask as they face the transition to digital study documents is, “What if I get audited?” Inspections evoke fear because negative audit findings significantly impact everyone. Areas of high risk include missing documents, accurate delegation of authority logs, reporting delays, and inadequate monitoring or PI oversight. Given these risks, some […]

“My PIs are super busy and unable to try new things! How can I convince them to try eBinders?”

Research protocol complexity is increasing and trial volumes are growing. The result – sites are struggling to take on more with the same team. Physicians and research teams are overwhelmed with cumbersome documentation and oversight requirements spread out across multiple locations. Workload imbalance and audit risk anxiety has led to turnover – exacerbating the problem. […]

4 Takeaways from the 4th Annual Embracing Change Conference for Clinical Research

The 4th Annual Embracing Change Conference for Clinical Research was a well-produced event from Arizona State University’s Clinical Research Management program. If you did not make it and would like a copy of the Status of Paperless Trials Presentation, send Florence a short email by clicking here.


A substantial portion of the conference revolved around […]

Florence Healthcare Wins DPharm Idol 2016

Emerging technology company chosen as the most innovative in clinical research at Disruptive Innovations 2016.

Atlanta, Ga-  Florence Healthcare, a software platform company focused on improving clinical trial site and sponsor collaboration, won the 2016 DPharm Idol competition in Boston last week.

Disruptive Innovations (DPharm) is an annual event that discusses solutions in clinical development, proposes innovative […]

My clinical trial monitors say they don’t want an electronic binder. What do I do?

The transition to electronic clinical trial binders (eBinders or investigator site files) is underway across the clinical research industry.  eBinders provide several advantages for your site. Well-understood benefits include:

Improved compliance. Digital binders allow you to easily track and fix compliance issues so that your site is always audit-ready – no paper sticky notes required.

Before and After the Cloud — A Day in the Life of a Research Coordinator

Clinical research coordinators (CRCs) play a crucial role in ensuring the success of research sites. Managing a myriad of responsibilities throughout the day, the CRC is the “heart” of a clinical trial – the champion of the protocol, the guardian of the patients, the taskmaster of the research team. CRCs are charged with ensuring high […]