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The Impact of Remote Site Monitoring on Clinical Research Associates | Florence Benchmark Report 2022

A benchmark report of 143 global Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) who conduct remote monitoring through a digital link to the research site’s electronic Investigator Site File (eISF).

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As the long-term benefits of remote monitoring and digital research become more evident, these strategies continue to accelerate at a high rate. Clinical Research Associates (CRA) are among the most highly impacted roles within clinical research, since they are tasked with managing and monitoring clinical research sites.

In this inaugural benchmark report, Florence Healthcare™, the leader in digital workflows and remote links between sites and sponsors, surveyed 143 CRAs that use Florence’s SiteLink™ platform for remotely monitoring sites to assess the impact this shift is having on their work.

In this report, you will uncover:

  • Key Findings and Recommendations for Sponsor and CRO Executives
  • Benchmark Report Results and Insights
  • Overview of Florence’s SiteLink™ Platform