Complete Guide to eISF +
Remote Site Access in Clinical Trials

How clinical operations leaders leverage remote site access technology to enable remote monitoring, start-up, management, and SDR/V.

You need remote access to your study sites, and you need your strategy to not fail. After working with over 10,000 study sites across 44 countries to implement eISF + Remote Site Access platforms, we know the secrets to how Sponsors/CROs can enable true remote site access, monitoring, and SDV/R at their study sites.

This guide will show you best practices, how-tos, and insights for implementing your own remote site access strategy: what is the eISF and how does it enable remote site access, how you can select a platform that will work for you and your sites, how to maximize the benefits, and how to get your study sites on board.

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“Florence’s [eISF + Remote Site Access] platform is helping us to respond to the changing environment due to COVID-19 and further progress COVID-19 research with the capability to perform remote monitoring where approved by regulatory authorities and ethics committees.”