4 Key Takeaways for Research Sites from “Digitizing the Site Network”–A Fireside Chat

by Blake Adams, SVP of Marketing at Florence

If you missed our fireside chat about how sites can prepare for traditional and decentralized trials with Nimita Limaye, Research Vice President at IDC, you can check out the recording.

Don’t have time to watch the full video yet? Here are four key takeaways.

1. Sites that don’t invest in digital infrastructure risk being left out of future studies.
89% of sites plan to have an eISF by the end of 2022, and 88% plan to use eConsent by the end of 2022. The rapid increase in technology use during COVID is now a permanent shift to digital workflows. Sites that don’t make this investment risk being left out of future studies that require digital infrastructure.

2. Sites moving to fully digital workflows are realizing long-term impacts.
Digital workflows during COVID provided obvious benefits, but now the long-term effects are becoming more apparent. Remote staff members are being hired to fill regulatory and operations roles, on-site monitoring is being replaced by remote monitoring, and operations are being streamlined through automated digital workflows.

3. Decentralized trials are most effective when sites pair direct-to-patient technology with digital site workflows.
Few studies will be fully virtual. Most will use a mixture of site visits and direct-to-patient technologies. Coordinating sites need to invest in technology solutions that allow them to manage and work remotely with a distributed network of community sites.

4. No technology platform fits every need, so sites must prioritize their integration strategy.
A typical site logs into six technology platforms for every study they participate in. This number will increase as DCTs gain traction. Sites that fail to prioritize integration risk forcing duplicate work on their teams, leading to compliance risks, delays, and low-quality data.


By implementing Florence — the industry-standard electronic Investigator Site File — sites streamline their electronic document workflows. 

Get in touch to talk about how sites are standardizing their operations across their eISF, electronic participant binders, electronic consent, and electronic logs with Florence.

Blake Adams is the SVP of Marketing for Florence Healthcare. He joined Florence in 2017 to help research teams advance cures by introducing them to innovative software solutions. He is a passionate storyteller and growth leader who also loves to travel – he’s been to over 30 countries!