Your Florence Expert

Ryan Jones
Chief Executive Officer

When your team is remote, staying updated on each coworkers schedule and daily tasks are necessary to ensure operations continue to run smoothly. High level information, like office updates, are also important to communicate clearly to all employees.

At Florence, we have tested numerous processes to foster company culture and transparent communicate when working remotely. One significant process has stuck with us throughout our existence and we call it daily standup. We want to share exactly how you can implement this paramount meeting at your company when moving to a remote office.

With teams across the globe, and many remote workers, creating a space where everybody can meet daily helps uphold company culture and keep every individual in the loop.

Departments share as a group what they are working on each day, update the company on cross-departmental activities and allow for ample time to make adjustments on current projects. If your company is too large to do a full company standup, you can instead hold a daily standup for your team or group of departments you work closely with.

Daily standup provides considerable company value and gives the team a little breather to connect and bond everyday.

Even with a large amount of updates, standup usually wraps up in under 15 minutes, giving employees only a small ask of daily time.

These are our top 10 suggestions, guidance and tips for standup to keep the company culture alive and projects running smoothly during remote work.

We hope these tips help you as much as they helped us keep a clear, concise communication and culture when working remote.

If you are interested in learning more about the team behind standup, check out our Florence Team page here.