Florence eBinder Suite™ For Trial Sites 2017-10-19T23:07:03+00:00

Use Florence eBinder Suite™
to take back your day from paperwork.

Florence is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA/The Privacy Rule, and 21 CFR part 312 and 812.

Empowering sites to manage source documents with less work
We built Florence eBinder Suite™ with the input from over 275 trial sites, sponsors and CROs.

Florence makes trials more manageable

  • Organize and track regulatory and source documents
  • Save hours during startup & monitoring visits
  • Slash printing, signing, scanning & faxing
  • Track where your study stands—even between sites 

Printing.  Signing.  Scanning.  Faxing.
Time. Output. Savings.

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