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Simplify Source Collection, Storage, Management and Remote Access with Electronic Participant Binders

Powered by Florence eBinders, Electronic Participant Binders simplify your source document workflows compliantly across single-site or multi-site locations. Enable secure remote access for monitors and regulatory agencies while protecting PHI.

More than 10,000 sites in 45 countries trust their
Electronic Participant Binders workflows to Florence eBinders

Why Sites Trust Florence with their Electronic Participant Binder Workflows

Use Front-End EMR Source Routing

Our simple and secure front-end EMR solution, ePrinter, captures and routes source documents to the appropriate location in the participant binder.

Engage with Multiple Source Collection Methods

Collect and store source data through EMR, drag-and-drop, email send-to-file, uploads, scanning, and direct source entry.

Benefit from Built-in Redaction and PHI Controls

Redact PHI directly in the platform and control who can see what, when. Granular controls help internal and external users access source documents compliantly.

Enable Remote SDV and SDR

Give sponsor and CRO monitors secure and compliant access to your electronic participant binders. Automate scheduling of remote visits, track monitor activity, and communicate with your monitor on follow-up items.

Automate Compliance

Built-in compliance features include automated audit trails, version control and extensive user permission options. Plus, your team is supported by our extensive compliance program to help develop SOPs for going digital.

Eliminate Shadow Charts

EMR routing workflows and electronic storage of participant binders eliminate the need for shadow charts to maintain monitor-accessible source data.

In clinical research, compliance is crucial. We’ve got you covered.

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Electronic Participant Binders Workflows with Florence eBinders

Standardize Participant Binders

Deploy standardized electronic participant binders across studies and locations.

  • Control and standardize binder templates and naming conventions based on your workflows and SOPs for a quick setup.

  • Customize granular access and permissions for your entire study team and external users (regulatory agencies, CROs, sponsors, other sites, etc.).

  • Create placeholders, due dates and task assignments to keep studies progressing.

Electronic Source Binders

Route Source Documents from EMR

Try our simple front-end EMR routing workflow to sync source documents and eliminate shadow charts.

  • Run reports around document health metrics, open action items, study attributes and ISF completeness.

  • Track study milestones through custom dashboards and reports.

  • Create, assign and complete document tasks directly in the platform.

Use Multiple Methods to Collect Source

Take advantage of flexible source collection methods to fit your preferred workflows and platforms.

  • Email send-to-file source routing lets you forward information directly into binders.

  • Use intuitive drag-and-drop features to upload data directly into pre-created placeholders or folders.

  • Upload source documents from other source systems.

  • Scan and upload paper source files.

  • Input source data into fillable forms to eliminate shadow source.

Remote Monitoring with Florence eBinders for eRegulatory, eSource, and eISF
Remote Monitoring with Florence eBinders for eRegulatory, eSource, and eISF

Enable Remote Source Data Review and Verification

Equip your site to work with sponsors remotely on start-up, monitoring and source data review.

  • Eliminate duplicate work uploading documents into sponsor portals or vaults by giving sponsors direct access.

  • Provide secure access to redacted participant binders for source data review.

  • Collaborate with monitors on workflows with quality control and communications modules.

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According to user reviews, Florence is rated the #1 clinical trial workflows platform for ease-of-setup, ease-of-use and customer support.

Why being rated #1 out of 190 clinical trial platforms on G2, the peer-to-peer review site, matters for you.

  • High Adoption: We lead the industry with 92%+ site technology activation per study.

  • Faster Timelines: Intuitive workflows that eliminate duplicate work mean work gets done fast.

  • Low FTE Burden: You don’t need large dedicated IT teams to support implementation and management.

  • Always Reliable: Our customers have had 100% uptime over the last 12 months. We’re there when you need us.

“The Regulatory team is very happy with the process. It gives me great pleasure to have partnered with Florence to help them be more efficient with tasks.”

Director, Research Quality and Regulatory Compliance
Multi-Site Health System

“We have staff in several different locations, so having a central access point for our information was very important and a huge draw.”

Associate Director of Research Administration
Academic Cancer Center

“We manage multi-center studies, and eBinders gives us the power to be several places at once.”

Director of Clinical Research Administration
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We are committed to making you and your sites successful.

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Florence Supports Site Enablement on a Global Scale

Florence now supports workflows between sponsors and more than 10,000 study sites in 45 countries.

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We love working with sponsors on Florence. Collaborating in real-time on a single document management platform helps us tackle study tasks faster and keep research on track.

Dr. Christina Brennan
VP of Clinical Research

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