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Free Whitepaper Download: How Centralized Monitoring is Impacting Clinical Trials

Survey, Findings and Discussion of Clinical Research Professionals on the Impact of Remote Monitoring of Clinical Trial Sites.

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Detailed Results from over 200 Clinical Research Professionals

An inside look at how remote monitoring impacts study start-ups, revenue, time, and processes – and how to fix them.

Remote Monitoring Printed Files in Clinical Research

64.2% of sites claimed to print more pages when participating in remote monitoring.

Remote Monitoring ROI in Clinical Research

78% of sites say remote monitoring studies drive the same or less site revenue.

Remote Monitoring Time Savings in Clinical Research

Remote monitoring coordinators report 120 minutes of followup vs. 90 with traditional.

Insightful Discussion and Advice

Remote monitoring drives $163 million in additional site costs each year, with limited expectation of reimbursement, how else can sites move forward?

Research sites have two paths: negotiation for remote monitoring cost support and improved digital tools for sharing documents between sponsor and site.

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