During the second quarter of 2018 over 3,000 researchers worked inside of Florence solutions across Florence eBinders, Florence eHub, and Florence eTMF. Florence’s 3,000 researchers come from all over the world: US, EU, Asia and Central America, with the highest concentration in the US.

These users represent a wide range of clinical trial organizations: from Cancer Centers to Academic Medical Centers, Hospitals and Independent Research Sites to Pharmaceutical Companies and CROs.

Why is this map a big deal?

Just a few years ago this map was virtually empty. While Pharmaceutical companies had realized the need for electronic document workflows and implemented tools like eTMFs and eCRFs, sites were left to fend for themselves.

Fast forward to 2018, and one glance at this map shows the shift to electronic document workflows, remote site oversight, and advanced operational performance analytics is increasing rapidly. Moving to a purpose-built eRegulatory and eSource solution is a requirement for sites to maintain relevancy in this new era of clinical trials.

Two reasons this map is growing so fast:

  1. The demand for sites to move to electronic document workflows is increasing from both regulatory bodies and trial sponsors. With the increasing trial complexities, sponsor demands, and changing FDA/IHC GCP compliance guidelines trial sites are realizing they must adopt a purpose-built solution.
  2. A host of new vendors, including Florence, has made the transition to electronic workflows simple for research sites. Instead of building a tool for sponsors first, Florence concentrated on creating a solution for research sites that was flexible, easy-to-use, and feature rich. Because of this sites have been able to make the switch quickly and painless.

The impact of the Florence Network

The size of the Florence Network of sites, sponsors, and CROs, is beginning to make a real impact on our ultimate goal of advancing research. Some of the critical effects we are already seeing across our network of 3,000+ teams are:

  • Accelerated study startup times (with some sites/sponsors seeing a 50% faster startup)
  • Increased study capacity with limited resources
  • Better oversight of multi-site clinical trials
  • Real-time remote monitoring of study sites enabling faster cycle times
  • Compliance alerts of potential risks at sites
  • Significant cost savings from accelerated timelines, eliminated paper, and reduced man-hours.

Are you on the map?

If you’re a research site, sponsor, or CRO and not already engaged in the Florence Network, we would love to introduce you and give you a quick demo of our solutions.

Florence eBinders | For research sites. Move to a purpose-built eRegulatory, eSource, and Contract Management workflow

Florence eHub | For Sponsors + CROs. Gain real-time site oversight, operational metrics, and centralized document storage

Florence eTMF | For Sponsors + CROs. Adopt the leading eTMF solution with a built-in, intuitive, site eISF