New to Florence? Need help accessing your account?

Registering for Your Account:

  1. Check your email for an invitation email sent from
    • If you do not see the email, check your “spam” folder.
  2. Follow the instructions found in that message to get your account set-up.

If you do not receive a registration email:

  1. Select Sign Up on the login page.
  2. Complete the form
    • Follow the prompts to create your account and join the team you were invited to

Forgot Password

  1. If you’ve forgotten your password, navigate back to the login page and select “Forgot Password”
  2. You can only enter an incorrect password three times before getting locked out of your account for 15 minutes.
    • If you’ve been locked out, please wait the appropriate time and select “Forgot Password”.
  3. Wait for an email allowing you to reset your password. The more times you select “Forget Password”, the more emails you’ll receive. Only the most recent email will be valid.

Still need help?

Contact your Team Admin, or email Florence Support at