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Decentralized Trials | Build the First Link to Site and Sponsor Connections

Decentralized trials isn't just a buzzword. This model will have a major impact on research sites and across clinical trial operations.

What is the missing first link that makes decentralized trials a reality for clinical operations? How do the research site and its patients stay at the forefront of this strategy?

Join Florence and their panel of experts to uncover how building virtual access to the research site - where the trial is happening - is the first step to creating a truly flexible trial.

This presentation highlights how:

  • Technology-ready research sites are actively shaping the future outcome of clinical trials
  • Sponsors and CROs are supporting site choice with site-owned eISF solutions and lowering barriers with remote site access and remote monitoring
  • Integrations and interoperability of cloud-based solutions allow all stakeholders to manage their clinical operations - from anywhere
  • Enabling site choice and lowering site burden is central to a collaborative environment
  • Patients and participants benefit from adding alternative ways to participate in clinical trials