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Data Protection and Privacy in Clinical Trial Technology 101

Data protection and privacy is a critical component of what you do every day as a clinical research professional, but are you confident in your knowledge? Or does the threat of non-compliance keep you awake at night?

This webinar is jam-packed with not only the basics of data privacy so that you can talk the talk, but practical takeaways and resources to help you walk the walk as regulations continue to take shape across the globe.

Led by Florence’s Director of Compliance and former clinical researcher, Kaitlin Sitchenko, and Amy McGorisk, Florence’s Jr. Compliance Officer, this webinar will teach you:

  • Foundational need-to-know-now data privacy information and terminologies
  • Practical applications to help all clinical research professionals comply with data privacy regulations along the clinical trial life cycle
  • Trends in data privacy and ways to stay up-to-date
  • How to use never-before-released Florence resources to document and manage alignment with specific requirements