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Florence Expands Digital Clinical Research Platform to 44 Countries

ATLANTA, August 27, 2021— Today, Florence announced that over 10,000 clinical research sites in 44 countries across six continents now use its digital research platform. These sites manage their internal clinical operations and remotely connect with study sponsors for virtual start-up, monitoring, and source data review. The rapid transition to digital operations in research has resulted in this 30% increase since January.

Florence’s software allows research sites to manage patient and regulatory research documents in an intuitive online environment, which helps clinical trials run more efficiently. Clinical trial sponsors—medical device companies, pharma companies—and contract research organizations can use the same software to access sites and manage clinical trials remotely.

“We build software with the goal of making research teams’ jobs 10 times easier, so they can spend more time with patients,” says Blake Adams, VP of Marketing for Florence. “What’s become apparent over the past two years is that by solving these site workflow challenges, we’re also opening up digital access to sites for pharma sponsors, an issue which became critical over the past year.”

Study sites’ ability to manage and share documents came to the forefront during the COVID-19 pandemic, when 76% of monitoring visits were remote. In addition to powering the Pfizer COVID vaccine, Florence’s platform hosted 3 of the 5 vaccine studies and helped more than 10,000 study sites keep clinical trials running so medical advancements did not stop.

“When the pandemic hit, we knew our software could help clinical research teams maintain current studies and launch global vaccine studies,” said Florence CEO Ryan Jones. “But what’s clear from our continued expansion is that clinical research is not going back to paper and manual processes. The impact on medical development timelines, compliance, and patient satisfaction is clear, and no one wants to give that up.”

Florence plans to continue its global expansion by working with its network of study sites, sponsors, and patients to build an integrated workflow ecosystem that can make clinical research operations easier.


Florence’s clinical trial software helps more than 10,000 research sites in 44 countries manage their documents, data, and workflows. The Florence platform also provides remote access so sponsors and CROs can collaborate with their sites around the world. Florence users now perform 3 million remote monitoring activities each month. To learn more, visit

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