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How Can Sites Collaborate with Sponsors to Increase Access to Clinical Trials

Only 3% of eligible patients participate in clinical research, a well-known statistic. A major obstacle to increasing participation is the lack of access to studies within communities that reflect the intended patient population. Today, technology is redefining the types of sites that can participate in clinical trials as well as the role patients play in them.

In this panel discussion, you will learn how sites and sponsors are collaborating to expand access to clinical trials using technology. From activating community clinics and pharmacies to going direct to patients with decentralized clinical trials, we'll explore the biggest opportunities and obstacles to expanding patient access.

In this session, you will:
- Identify the types of technologies being deployed to increase access to clinical trials
- Analyze the different approaches being taken to open more access for patients
- Recognize the challenges new technologies can introduce for clinical trials

- John Campbell, Head of Decentralized Trials at Walgreens
- Mary Veazie, Consultant at Clinical Research Consulting & Education Services LLC
- Kristin Surdam, Sr. Director, KOL & Strategy at Florence Healthcare
- Catherine Gregor, Chief Clinical Trial Officer at Florence Healthcare (Moderator)