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GDPR, EMRA, CFR, CCPA… Going Global in an Increasingly Regulated World

Research can be expanded across the US and globally through technology links. Today, academic medical centers are working with clinics across the country, site networks are working across borders, and sponsors and contract research organizations are working internationally.

Global collaboration increases access but also creates compliance challenges. Data privacy challenges are not just global, as different states in the US have different guidelines.

In this session, you’ll hear from compliance experts on how to think about a global technology rollout.

You’ll learn how to:
- Identify compliance risks when entering new states and countries
- Develop a plan for validating technology systems
- Evaluate technology systems for regional, national, and global compliance.

- Amanda Conner, Regulatory Affairs Officer I Decentralized Clinical Trials at IQVIA
- Mark Farrar, Managing Director at Epsilon Life Sciences
- Nancy DiGioacchino, VP of Quality Mgt and Global Compliance at Florence Healthcare
- Kelly Willenberg, Manager at Kelly Willenberg & Associates
- Sara Guyler, Policy Manager at Florence Healthcare (Moderator)